2020 Lexus ES300H Hybrid lease Socal

Im looking to lease an 2020 Lexus ES 300h. I got a quote from dealer, but when I put in calculator it does not show the same number. Also, can anyone let me know is the quote solid deal or not?

2020 Lexus ES 300H
MSRP: $47030
Selling price: $42250
MF: 00005
RV: 53 % for 36m/10K
Drive off: $1000
Quote monthly payment is : $587 with Ca 8.75% tax included.

Below is my calculator.

Probably there is lease cash from Toyota and you are putting that as dealer discount instead of taxed incentives section. Did you check Edmunds if there is any lease cash for this car?

Yes I Checked Edmunds. Lease cash $1750 and RV 53% with MF .00005

It’s usually not worth leasing a hybrid, you need to price out the gasser see if you’re saving enough on gas to make it worth the higher payment on the hybrid

Should be shooting for 12% off plus the lease cash, there’s lots of room in this deal

Do you have a detailed lease sheet? It looks like your selling price is $44000 instead of $42250 and they are using the $1750 incentive. Is the registration $450? And is the $1000 total drive off including first month, registration and other fees?

I only got numbers. $587 included tax. $1000 total drive off. I confirmed the rv mf and lease cash on Edmunds. The rest info I dont have. I just don’t know where did dealer mark up the price

Planning to buy it back at the end

Don’t lease to buy, just buy it or get a cpo. Looks like there’s at least $3000 cash on a buy.

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Why not ask them instead of this reverse calculation trial?

They won’t share the info or else i would have asked

From those numbers this is my guess for the calculator. There is still a ~$700 discrepancy. I wouldn’t work with a dealership who doesn’t share this information. Have you contacted any other Lexus dealership in CA? There must be a lot of Lexus dealers there.

Shop elsewhere… they’ll say it’s coz they don’t want ppl to shop their deals around, but what does that tell you? There are plenty of other dealers out there that are transparent, if u ask.

ya but if you consider a 3 year ownership, you are also paying tax on the trade in value…

I would suggest talk to Newport, Beverly Hills and Oxnard in Socal market. I can even recommend you a few names if they are still there. However, it might be best to go with a broker.

Also, depending on how much incentive there is, a base model or F-sport might be significantly cheaper to lease then Hybrid.

You pay tax either way, payments on the lease and the residual if you buy it at the end, or tax on the price if you just buy it to start.

I spoke to multiple dealers and it seems that the ES hybrid is high demand and does not lease well.

I got the quote at Newport

Terrible idea… I’ve never seen the numbers make sense on that idea.

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