2020 Land Rover Discovery SE vs. Landmark vs. HSE center console finish?

I test drove a Discovery HSE this last weekend. Was great. I asked the sales person if the SE trim has the same gloss piano black in the center console area. She said it did. Then when I came home to check out pictures. I think the salesperson was wrong. I found that SE and Landmark atleast in pictures online, all seem to have a plasticy center console, rather than gloss black. For me this give a car that’s already at an expensive price a pretty cheap feel.

Does anyone know if that piano black finish is some sort of an option or if it’s really only an HSE thing?

Based on the configurator, seems like its only an HSE thing. Take a look though. Ignore the title, its a link to the config.

Thanks for your reply… It’s odd, because I just found this:


This is a 2020 SE, but it appears to have the piano black center. How confusing!

that’s a discovery sport - different model


Thanks! I’m actually looking at both models, so perhaps discovery sport SE has the gloss and meanwhile for discovery one needs to get up to HSE to get to gloss.

Thanks for pointing that out!