2020 Kia Sedona LX lease deal

Good morning!! I got a deal for leasing 2020 Kia sedona LX for 12,000/yr for 36 mo with selling price @ $27,720 and MSRP $ 31,720. According to Edmunds, this particular vehicle has MF of .00176 and and RV of 49%.
$4400 lease cash. My deal is $358/mo with $1300 of due at signing. They said $1300 is downpayment not drive off but this is the only out of pocket amount. I am in Los Angeles, CA. Do you think is fair deal? I think the RV is low. Let me know. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!

The RV is set by the bank and seems pretty accurate for a Kia. They tend to have poor resale value.

That’s a lot of coin for a base Sedona. Not sure you can do any better on it. The RV and MF are awful. Probably way better off (several thousand dollars cheaper) buying CPO as these things have abysmal resale value.

Here you go:

I thought you would like this 2018 Kia Sedona for $17,888 on Autotrader


Thanks so much!

how about negotiating for putting $1300 toward MSD instead? Thanks in advance!

Kia doesn’t allow the use of MSD

Got it. Thank you so much!