2020 Kia Forte GT-Line~ Hows this deal?

On the mobile app RODO there’s a Kia Forte for $188/36 months.12,000mi
DAS: $2341 (includes taxes and all fees and 1st payment)
Bank fee: $650
DMV and dealer fees: $499
Residual: $11875
MSRP: $21590
The app doesn’t show the money factor but I hope all this info is enough for an opinion on this deal.

DAS is way too high.

I agree DAS is high plus you wouldn"t won"t to roll that DAS into the payment Kia"s already have a high base MF.

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Ask for MF and incentives for your zip code on Edmunds forums

You can change that in the app to be just first months DAS.
But they are structuring just like most brokers here - all fees including acquisition fee into DAS to make monthly appear as low as possible.

I got this

I just posted it on there, thanks.

Correct, everything is included into the DAS. I would rather pay the fees and taxes upfront, than rolling it into the payments. There is a $3430 incentive already in the deal with a $1253 rodo customer discount.

The MF is 0.00165 and 55% residual for 36/12,000.

On the market for the same car and just got an offer that I consider accepting. 24/10k, $1500 DAS (includes everything), $220/m (includes tax). I still feel there’s more to be had but its a good value imo, I think you should definitely check with the dealership and see if they can do better on the DAS.

Are you shopping payment or the car?

I don’t know what you mean as this is my first lease but if you refer as the best payment yes

Are you trying to find A car (any car) for least total cost to lease or this car is the one you really want and you have compared to other similar cars?

I really want this specific car, but Ill consider other options if they’re cheaper.

All in you are talking $280pm (converting your DAS into $0 DAS).
I presonally don’t care what to drive but for less payment a month. at $280pm I think there are few other options exist. That’s one option - payment shopping.

But you said you really want this car - so it’s pay to play essentially. It could be good deal on this particular car but not stellar in terms of value for $ spend. But again you ant it so you would have to pay up to get what you want.

Does this car have a Hyundai twin like some Kia models do?

Elantra GT? but 36/12 looks to be in the same ballpark as Forte GT