2020 Jeep Renegade. Deal or no deal?


Negotiating with a dealer. Trying to get a Jeep renegade. In in NYC.

299m 400 das 36/10 — can anyone tell me if this looks good or not

Edit sorry was having trouble with the uploading

They are giving you a total of $102.00 in dealer discount. That’s pretty terrible. Walk away from that one.

Too little info. Whats the MSRP? Whats the dealer discount? How much are the rebates? Have you compared MF the cheaper is charging you with whats on Edmunds? Come back with this info first

Just uploaded the contract I was having an issue — take a look Edmunds says 54 rv and .00012

Uploaded the contract can you take a look Sorry I was having trouble

I already looked. The MSRP is $30850 and they are selling it to you $30,748. That’s a really terrible discount.

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Edmunds gave me this for the trail-hawk

.00012 and 54%
$4250 incentives

The first page is what you really need.
this is a terrible deal. List - (Manufacturer rebates) … For an American car (Which the List is already marked up to heck).
Walk away. (Unless you really want that car at full price)

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Thanks for the advice I’m walking away. I’ve been reading the forum and I seen people sign then ask if they got a good deal when it’s already too late I told myself that wasn’t gonna be me lol

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@ElectricEliminator I sent you a PM

Forget trying to get a good deal with NYC dealers start looking outside the city.

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This lease thing is too much work man… might just buy the damn car and be done with it. I been going back and forth with dealers for a while they are the worst. Tried a deal through rodo since I seen some orders on here. They just as bad as the dealers themselves. Customer service is on point but I didn’t get approved at one bank so they ran my credit through ally which I didn’t ask them to do and changed the whole deal. Back and forth landed on this. Now the deal is dead. Just a lot of work for nothing — dunno how y’all do this every few years lol

Do you have access to the Chrylser affiliate program? Perhaps through your employer? This gives you a standard discount on all CDJ products which can make the negotiating process alot easier. If you don’t have an employeer who is part of the program, you can also get in by joining some charities. For example the Access Fund gives you affiliate status with a $20 donation after 30 days of membership.

FWIW… I wouldn’t expect much of a discount on Renegades. They are stacked with so many rebates dealer’s aren’t very compelled to discount. If you can get $1000 off MSRP you are doing pretty good.

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Figures why I was getting so much flack for trying to get a MSRP discount when I was talking to the dealers. Acting like the 6750 is coming out of their pocket.

Maybe I’ll go for a different car — dunno why I like the renegade so much lol

Buy a reliable car you can own for a long time… just not an FCA product

I mean 3 years is pretty short and 36 is covered under bumper to bumper

A. 3 years is a long time to be stuck in a shitty car

B. More broadly there’s two types of customers: those who enjoy engaging with dealers and those who don’t. nothing wrong in being either type. But for the latter type including many of my friends and family, I recommend buying a car to minimize their frequency of engaging with dealers.

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