2020 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4 Good Deal (389/m)?


Could you please comment on the following deal I was offered today:

Location: Long Island, NY
Car Details: 2020 Jeep Cherokee Limited + Navigation ($895) + 2.0L Turbo ($500)
MSRP: 37K (Apologies but I did not write down the detail here and cannot reconcile with Jeep web site)
MSRP dealer gave me after their discount: $34,900
Cash: DMV fee + 1st month payment only
10K miles and 42 months
Monthly pay: $389

Could you please comment on the deal.

Seems awful, I thought FCA was having a fire sale. 42 months stinks too, get more quotes. Chrysler has an over abundance of vehicles, I’d imagine you could get this for almost $100/mo less on 36 month term. This number is close to GC money

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I got a new quote and wanted to ask for feedback please.

2020 Jeep Cherokee 4D Limited 4x4
Navigation and 2.0L Turbo Engine are extras
MSRP: $37,335
Cash: $908.27 (TOTAL OUT OF POCKET)
Rebate: $6,750
10K Miles for 36 Months
Residual: 49%

Payment is $372.89

How much is DAS?

If I understand it correctly then the $908 is the TOTAL OUT OF POCKET:

  • 350 plus 75 dealer fee
  • 389 filling fee
  • 10 inpection fee
  • 12.50 for tire fee

all together is 835 plus transfer plates. I am checking with the dealer right now.

In such a crowded and competitive market I simply can’t recommend going for FCA products which are usually bottom in build quality. JMO

I know GM has stopped giving Equinoxes and Terrains away but Encore might still have cheap deals.

For similar or less money than you’re quoted for a Cherokee I’d prefer better built cars like a CRV or Santa Fe

Thank you Max G for the very quick response. I do appreciate the brand recommendation but think it’s a little off topic. Do you have a view on the actual deal I was offered?

I’m biased but I don’t think $380+ is remotely a good deal for a Cherokee

I pay less than that for a Grand Cherokee Limited and put first month only down, so I’d say that’s accurate! :rofl:

Doesn’t sound good at all. Which LI dealer are you working with?

Wife got a 2019 Cherokee Limited V6 with a lot of options this past Jan, with 1,500 total cash at signing with $1,000 negative equity on old lease in the low 300’s (39/12). Obviously month to month Incentives can change a lot, but hard to tell without knowing all the numbers.

Honestly I would think you have A Lot more room. If they don’t budge, then walk. Most LI dealers, if not all, LI dealers are garbage. They know there’s an ass for every seat here.