2020 Jaguar F Pace AWD 25T Prestige 36/10K 587/mo 587 DAS

My dad picked this up today. I know we say “don’t negotiate at the dealer”, but that’s what he ended up doing. Aside from suggesting the car originally when the 2019 loaner deals were live I can’t really take much credit for it. He really liked it and it was in the budget he was looking for. It was an employee PIN deal, approximately 17% off MSRP with no additional incentives. Thanks to @ethanjlr for giving it a second set of eyes for me to confirm that he got as solid of a deal as possible on a car that really doesn’t lease well. I don’t have the contract to look at yet so I’ll post what I’ve been able to verify. Bottom line is that he’s happy and he got his not black leather seats that were of utmost importance!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Jaguar F Pace 25t AWD Prestige
MSRP: $57,368
Monthly Payment: $587.00
Drive-Off Amount: $587.00
Annual Mileage:10,000
Incentives: None, PIN deal 16.9% off
Region: Northeast
Leasehackr Score: Approximately 9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Just an update, my dad ended up not taking this. It was at Jaguar of Manhattan and should still be available as far as I know. One caveat, I found out after the fact that it was a 39 month lease, not 36 like I was led to believe. So it’s possible that there was some money factor markup there to get the payment to that number for 39 months. I never actually saw the paperwork.

So your dad ditched a solid jaguar deal because it was 3 month more than 36 mo lease?
Or are you saying because it is 39mo lease (maybe 3 mouth out warranty) so the deal was not that great any more?

I am sure someone will like to get the same deal.

No… He just wanted… Something more. That’s all I’m gonna say right now, I’ll post the details on that one shortly once everything is done. New car is deposited and marked sold but he hasn’t taken delivery yet. Definitely not a legendary hack job by the standards here but we did the best we could.

I was about to think that you guys got a good deal :slight_smile: I am now in the market for an F-Pace Premium with few free options (or Prestige if I can get a good discount) in Chicagoland area for 36 or 39 / 12

The deal was solid, it would have been better at 36 months by my math, I’m not sure exactly how that happened since I wasn’t there. What he ended up getting definitely wasn’t about saving a buck or two lol.