2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL Plus

As an FYI, just want to share my attempts to lease a 2020 Sonata SEL Plus without tech package. Being that the car is all-new, and with some critical acclaim, I recognized dealerships would be unlikely to move much and that I would have to accept that if I wanted this car. That being said, during the final week of February I emailed CT dealerships until I got seven willing to provide me a quote. I was hoping a month’s end sales push would work in my favor.

I spelled out what I wanted in the initial request - MSRP, sale price, MF, RV, rebate, etc. I never went to a dealership. Of the seven that initially quoted, three made continued efforts to strike a deal, and I eventually narrowed negotiations to one. The best I could get monthly on this model was $363/mo for a 36/15k $1,000 DAS. The sale price reflected a 10% reduction that included the manufacturer’s rebate of $1,750.

I then went to Autopia before month’s end and got a quote of $350/mo with $500 DAS (add to it $400 broker fee). I went with it. As this pushed into March, the deal needed verification before we could move forward. Though the manufacturer’s rebate dropped in March from $1750 to $1000, they where able to keep the initial numbers they quoted me.

I picked the car up a few days ago in Manhattan. It was a very smooth, painless process and no surprises. Communication with Rod was great. The car was delivered flawless. I probably could have gone to Autopia right from the start, but I’m glad I tried on my own first because I was able to put into action everything I learned on this website.

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Pls post a contract and/or calculator link. That would really help others.

That’s a pretty high pmt on a $26k car, with as broker no less. Someone recently leased an Optima SX, which has msrp of $30k for $278 with similarly low Das.


The 2020 SEL Plus has a minimum MSRP of $28,605, and could be higher depending on options. The Optima is a final year model, while the Sonata is a new model.

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Still, Optima has 70 more hp, more options, most would say better looking. Mostly I’m surprised the broker couldn’t get a better deal. I’m getting a $340 a month with nothing down on Rado.

Maybe they’ll honor it, maybe they won’t.

Yeah I’d prefer last generation Optima SX over this generation Sonata SEL plus let alone the $100/month in savings. Personally I’m interested in the 2021 Optima GT, but I doubt there will be good leases on that for quite some time.

I’ve already owned a 2012 Optima EX. Every model year after reminds me of that car, despite the supposed redo as all-new a few years ago. It still looks very similar. Though the SX is sharper than an EX, it’s still a dated look to me, and the fuel economy is not worth the extra HP IMO. To each his own.

Here are the details:

I had a 2012 Optima SX and really loved the car. Only complaint was that it came with garbage tires. The Sonata styling is much improved over the last generation. At the end of the day what matters most is that you are happy with what you got. I got my Civic hatchback when the Asian conquest thing was going on with Chevrolet and could have saved $140/month going with a Chevy Trax, but I want to enjoy the 1-2 hours I spend in my car every day.

I don’t have much cash to put out up front, and definitely not for MSD’s on a luxury nameplate. I considered an S60 T5 Momentum, but even through a broker on this site it was $409 with $1,500 cash DAS. Too much for me. And no other midsize family sedan really interested me outside of an Accord, but my mother-in-law already has one and I don’t want to drive the same car she does.

Correct me if I’m wrong but someone just leased an Accord Sport base 1.5L for mid to high 200’s with nothing down/minimal out of pocket. I believe Honda dropped the MF significantly on the Accord this month making them leasable again.

I’d drive an Accord any day over a Sonata/Optima, especially that it leases cheaper but I’m just a guy on the internet…

Error based on what? Give me some examples/

Worked a deal for a friend on a 2020 SEL Plus with Tech package. Will share the specifics of the deal when finalized, but he’s at $377/month, $0 down, all taxes, fees, first payment rolled into the lease.

Told him for that money he was looking at a BMW or Volvo but he was pretty set on this specific car. Tons of quotes in the 420-450 range for the same car.

With similar features? Or just the badge?

Not necessarily all the same features, but some. I’d also rather drive a 330, they drive better and are quicker (and more mod friendly if you’re interested in that).

The reason I hate this idea as many many people bring it up, different things are important to different folks. I for example would not trade my Sonata’s interior space, trunk capacity and fuel economy for a 3-series. I did replace it with a 5 thu…


I have exactly the car I want but you’re right, different things work for different people. I’m care a lot more about performance, so comparing a Sonata to a 330, the winner is clear in the performance category.

Here’s a pic of it I should have posted sooner.


you know what, at first i hated the new sonata design, but it’s slowly growing on me. Not to mention rich features that a lot of the models come with.

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Nice sonota I’m looking at 2021 sonota sel plus with tech