2020 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL 2.0T FWD

Please let me know thoughts on this deal?

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Did you double check the MF on Edmunds?


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I agree nothing to write home about.

wow, even with a 12% discount and 2K in incentives, low rate rate, its a shit deal. Like you can get so much more car for that much money. I guess the RV isn’t the best but that MF is terrible

I agree and the taxes in Texas

Oh Texas, find something with tax credits or don’t bother

Ideally would like the X60. Found a loaner but they wont budge past 10% + rebates. Ideas on what suv’s may have them? Ive tried Volvo, Nissan and Hyundai but no luck on credits

BMW, we have a broker on the forum who specializes in them. When they update their programs check insight auto consulting out. It’s my copy paste for any Texas resident,

Thank you. I had a brain fart. Meant Volvo XC6o.