2020 Hyundai Santa Fe Lease Incentives?

Does anyone have details on available incentives to lease a 2020 Santa Fe? (or any recent actual lease examples?)

Edmunds is your best choice for that.

Search the forum for recent deals. Or

Use a broker.

In the market for one now in Eastern PA. Have seen 3250 lease cash + 500 military, first responder and 500 College grad

2020 Limited 2.0 AWD in 18104.
.00169 and 59%
$3250 lease cash

Good old Allentown

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MSRP: 40,680
Best and Final Price: 37,278
Lease Cash: 3250
Military Rebate: 500
Residual value:24,001.20
Money factor: .00169
Up front cost:699
35 remaining payments = 435 (includes tax)

Do the Mf, rv and discounts match edmunds?

We picked up an sel for my wife in December at 12% off msrp before incentives. I think you can do a little better on the selling price, especially on the limited.

they do match, not having much luck in the limited Turbo AWD’s. Small inventory at the moment.

Don’t forget $500 post-sale rebate from Bonus Drive

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thanks for that information. I had no idea!!

Thanks! Do you know if the $3250 Lease Cash is national or regional?

not sure, edmunds forums will let you know if you give the zip

Hyundai programs are regional.

@NurseAl Do you have any lease specials for the 2020 Santa Fe SE ? My zip code is 19446.


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2020 Santa Fe SE, AWD, 36/10k:
0.00146 MF for Tier 1 credit.
$2500 lease cash
59% residual

Everything is a fixed price below dealer cost (except Palisade).


You can get the bonus drive $500 rebate after lease. I applied and it was approved. Make sure to factor that into your equation.

Search Bonus Drive and Hyundai to get the link.

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HI, whats the MF, residual and lease or loyalty credits (if any) for 2020 Hyundai Santa FE Limited AWD, 36/15, zip 17522?