2020 Honda Pilot EXL Lease - Evaluate

Newbie here! Still in learning phase.
This is what I have negotiated so far, please let me know if this looks good or if there is still room to negotiate.
MSRP- 41080.
Selling price - 37021
Untaxed incentives - 1750 lease cash
Taxed incentives - 2500 (First responder, conquest and graduate)
RV - 61%
MF - .00107
Zero down and zero dive off. I will be making payments of $351.90 for 35 months. Dealer will pay the first month payment.
Extra incentives Costco Cash - $500

I’m surprised your payment isn’t lower considering all the incentives you qualify for

Check the other Pilot EXL deals on here to see what their discount was.

I have kept the Costco $500 cash out of my payment structure. Since I will getting that on the back end from Costco later. If I include Costco cash upfront in the payment structure, then technically my payment is $337 for 35 months.

Yes, I am also thinking to push the dealer to bump up the pre-incentive discount from 9.9% to 11%. That will bring my payment to around $327 with zero drive off which includes Costco cash. State 6.5% sales tax upfront doesn’t help either.

Lots of rebates. Here is a recent one, even the same MSRP: 20 Pilot EXL AWD. There could also be something in the fees, so post a breakdown of the deal.

It should total to $2000. $1000 loyalty + $500 first responder + $500 graduate.
Also Costco is a giftcard which you get from Costco to spend there.

First responder credit have been upgraded to $1000 for 2020 honda pilots. I will get the detailed broken down quote from the dealer tomorrow and update you guys. My total taxed incentives are $2500 which basically goes towards cap reduction. Even though with zero down and zero DAS, there is some room for improvement.

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You are correct. I just confirmed, they just upgraded on weekend ! Crazy but great.

@mani_is_kool @max_g Does these numbers look reasonable or is there still room for negotiation?

MF and RV is in line with Edmunds: .00107 and 61%

Dealer will be be paying the first month payment. I will be paying the remaining 35 month payments of $351.90

What is the pre-incentive discount?

9.9% pre-incentive

Thats $0 DAS you said right with the rebates applied?

Yes that’s 0 DAS with 9.9% Pre-incentive discount, 1750 lease cash and 2500 taxed rebates.

Go for it. Its a great deal. The chances of rebates being same on the Pilot are extremely low plus inventory issues.

@mani_is_kool @max_g Deal sign, drove off without a dime, now I am home drinking a corona with a lime. Happy wife, happy life. Thank to the LH community for all the insights. Payment was lower $343.3, Zero down and zero DAS. Plus $500 Costco GF


Congrats. Enjoy

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Thanks for being a first responder… you earned this. And more


Really nice job on this deal and thank for you being a first responder. Congratulations and enjoy!

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