2020 Honda Pilot EX-L Leased via RODO $383 per Month

I am in the market for a new SUV for the wife and kids and the Pilot won out. Living on Long Island and trying to get an email quote has been difficult. Those that responded have been well north of $400. I don’t see any brokers on here that are actively listing Honda’s in my region. Using the calculator with RODO’s info puts me about $5 apart (not sure of dealer/doc fees). I looked at the past few Pilot threads and this quote seems to be in the ballpark when accounting for terms and incentives…
Should I just reach out to dealerships to see if anyone will match/better this deal or does this look reasonable? I don’t necessarily like leaving money on the table but if I will most likely be looking at only a $5-10 difference per month it probably wouldn’t be worth my time/effort.
I actually used HONCKER/RODO for my last lease in 2017 and it went well so I am not afraid of providing them my info/credit or the possibility of a bait and switch occurring.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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I just picked up an exl $327 a month with taxes fees first month upfront added up to $2236. Had to go to CT to get it from queens. Could of probably squeezed a bit more but compared to local dealers this was a great deal. Let me know if you want salesman info.

Huntington Honda is advertising $339 on their website for an EXL. I have gotten my last two accords through their ads. You have to take exactly what the ad says and in the time frame of the ad because their deals change a lot. In normal times I always get Friday’s Newsday when I am looking. Now the selection has been poor.

If you want dealers to engage with you sign up for TrueCar. I give them my home number which no one ever answers and so I can usually get them to respond to emails. Costco you have to go in person

The only thing different than usual is that Huntington Honda mentions a loyalty rebate in the small print so probably @Anhelenuk1 deal is better. I would be curious for future reference as to where in Queens you got the deal. Plus you are approaching the end of the month which is always a good time.

I was actually wondering about using Rodo. So it is ok? I will post something separately to ask

I got this deal in CT. Queens dealers are horrendous in their offers. As matter of fact my last three leases I got out of state.

Please share or PM me the names of dealers. I had good results prior to this with Huntington Honda but only by bringing the ads. I did once have a horrendous experience with a Honda dealer in the Bronx where they started adding in random taxes that did not belong (a base Accord LX for under $180 a month (do not remember the exact amount) should never have $1200 in taxes added). Right now the CRV is too expensive based on the ads that I am seeing but would love to get another Honda because the lease end experience is spectacular.

If they are other brands please share as well as I am looking for anything midsize AWD sedan or SUV

seems good, unless there are some hidden fees not displayed there.
4189 discount is right around invoice less holdback, plus they are giving the entire DC and looks like you qualify for competitive or loyalty?

Do you have the name of the dealer in CT please? PM if you would rather

In the process of completing the order now. Everything seems to be going well and so far no complaints. If everything works out I should have the car by Friday. If so I’ll post the #'s afterward.

My friend got similar deal in NJ.
$3000 DAS
Don’t know more details. Probably he only qualified for loyalty as he owns a Civic currently.

What is included in DAS? Huntington Honda is running one of their ads on the Pilot EXL $329 tax, bank fee $595, DMV fee, $75 doc fee, and 1st month payment 36/10. It does include Loyalty incentive I would think that adds up to about $2400 but I did not do the math. So his deal is probably slightly better and comes out to about $325 if you factor in the extra $600 he paid as DAS

I am really looking for the CRV, my kids will be driving this some times and they do not want anything that big

Just got home with the car. Everything actually went pretty smoothly. The price of $383 that was quoted on the RODO app was the exact price I paid upon signing the contract. No money down and only paid the $383 as 1st month. Tier 1 credit. It was through Bethpage Credit Union. Not sure if it was the greatest deal but I am happy with the price (the loathed 1% rule) when comparing to other Pilot leases I see posted here. Surprisingly the dealer was on Long Island and one I had contacted personally and they wouldn’t come close to this price. Go figure.

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