2020 Honda Pilot Elite - Deal Check

2020 Honda Pilot Elite

Location: Ohio
MSRP: $49,215.00
Selling Price: $43,000
Residual: $29,037
Money Factor: 0.00136
Rebates: $1,200.00

36 months
12k miles a year

$540 Monthly

I gave them the exact numbers I pulled from the calculator link below and they came back with they wanted a selling price of $43,200 but wouldn’t lose the business over $200.

Thoughts on this… I feel it’s pretty good but want others input?

Anyone? Looking for some guidance here…

They are giving you the lowest money factor (Buy rate) and a good dealer discount. You are either at the bottom or close to it. Not much savings left if you shop around

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I think you got a great deal. I’m negotiating now as we speak. Would you mind sharing where you bought it from?

Roush Honda in Columbus, Ohio… we didn’t end up following through as my wife fell in love with the new Highlander but they were very easy to work with. Good luck!

any thoughts on this deal? I thought this one looks good. Location NJ

The Pilot is pretty old in a really saturated segment so I’m not surprised your wife liked something newer

@Hari_Easwaran have you considered anything else from the Marketplace?

I was looking at XC960 and Highlander as well. My wife is more geared towards functional and price points, so we are on Pilot. xc960 is still on the table, Not seeing good breaks on HIghlander 2020 lease so far.

You should get elite for 450 including taxes with 0 down. MSRP 49k, sales price as 41k.

More power to you if you got that deal yourself, but the OP ain’t getting that deal. In fact, no one in this forum has leased an Elite pilot for 450 with 0 DAS.

Post the contract without personal info if you got this.

I will definitely send it once i sign the lease but just wanted to share those numbers. I went to the dealer yesterday, for pilot elite 49k with all discounts he was giving me for 41k as sales price (fill the car details via truecar, it applies many discounts rebates).
My criteria was simple, 0 down and monthly 450. 3 years 12k miles. They agreed to it provided i pay dealer fees which is 499. I am still looking for other SUV’s like traverse, telluride SX (no deal on it).
Once i test drive Traverse and see what they offer I will decide.