2020 Honda Passport deal

A Touring with $0 DAS. I haven’t signed yet but they won’t move on price. What should I do? Should I move forward.
Thank you for any input.

Should be some room to improve that discount by at least a few percent.

I thought so too. However they are claiming they can’t get cars and are trying to hold the line.

I leased a Passport EXL last week. $357 per month, 15k miles per year, zero DAS.

I got quoted for Touring, $406 per month same term above.

@sciond you should always try reaching out to a broker to see if they can beat the numbers. Which 99% we can. If you want I can run some numbers for you in the morning. You can shoot me a text if you’d like 201-702-2773. $0 Broker fee

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