2020 Honda Odyssey Elite deal check please!

The calculator link shows what I was quoted. Curious to hear feed back. FYI I’m in TX and apparently here in TX taxes on a lease is 1.25% vs. 6.26% until Monday COVID incentive I guess.

BTW my payment quote from the dealer is 521 a month in the calculator its 531 couldn’t figure out why. Anyway thanks for the help.

I promise it’s not bc of ‘Rona.

$10/mo likely due for rate. Standard OP for dealer.

What do you think of the deal? Never leased before. Thanks

I thought doc fees were capped and DMV was really cheap in Texas?

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Besides the outrageous doc fee/DMV, I think you could do better on the discount. There was another Ody deal just posted for 15% off. There is national $750 dealer cash and some have mentioned an extra $500 MDW cash, but you should confirm on Edmunds. If you have loyalty that is another $1k, and there is a $500 costco cash card offer going on right now.

He is a shot of the deal.

MSRP - 48,540
Tint +299.
Pin Strips +299
Propack +799.
Discount - 7750
Sales Price - 42,187
Tax - 506.24
Tag and Title Fee - 874.59
Doc Fee - 180
Net price -43747
Maintenance - 895
Balance forward -44642.83
36 month/12 miles - $521
Drive off - 2500

Fixed this for you. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just say no to unsolicited adds.


Oh noooo :see_no_evil:

WTF? Who still does pin stripes? That’s so ridiculous, those add ons tell me to find another dealer, those add almost 5% to the price. Run! :running_man: Looks like the residual is 2% to 3% lower on the Elite vs Touring and EX, in addition to being the most expensive model.


I agree with pin strips So dumb I went back and forth with them on that. So if I cut out the un solicited add ons and the maintenance this could be a decent deal.

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Yeah the more expensive models, lowest residuals.
No 500 Memorial weekend cash for thw Odyssey

Probably $450 without all that junk.

My dealer added them in for free /shrug.

For 3 oil changes which cost $35 each, that’s fantastic :rofl:

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For the F&I guy it’s great.

There’s so many ways to get screwed if you’re not savvy.


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How can I get this deal better?

dreadful! also you probably should’ve started a new thread…

Sorry about that. First time on here and I couldn’t figure out how to start a new thread.
Not happy with the numbers either. Any advice? Or should we just hold off and wait for better incentives to come out?

I’m the wrong guy to ask that question. No legitimate reason in my book to get a minivan, let alone pay BMW X3 money for it.

Check this one out, he has an odyssey listed for $314 a month. Not a similar trim but it is a Honda at the end of the day so save your money: Cars4Us BEST LEASEHACKR HONDA JUNE DEALS! 6/5