2020 Honda HR-V EX Deal Check

Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal! Ohio
MSRP $26,565
Dealer Discount $2,975
Total Purchase Price $23,590

36 months / 12000miles
Residual Value $15,673 (59%)
0 Down
0 Due at Signing
Monthly payment $301.46

I don’t think this deal is particularly good but need a advice!

Why not go for crv at that price?

would love to deal with the dealer but don’t know how to start with that price. do you think I can just ask the dealer for the CRV with that price?

Thats an aggressive deal on a HRV EX, if you don’t like the deal then you are on the wrong vehicle. There’s minimal meat on the bone left

Or maybe this. For sure bigger car.

you got a very good lease deal for EX in Ohio.

Just got a quote here in SoCal, monthly 362 (tax included) for 2WD, 36/12k, 1000 DAS. I’m still looking.

Is your MF at 0.00094?
Your quote is for a AWD right? Any extra option?

Its a AWD. Try to find a way to cut the price but seems like its difficult.

Still negotiating with the dealer and my final price for the HRV EX is $290/month.
$0 down / $0 DAS / 36 month / 12000 miles

Look around the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections

You can get a lot more for your $300 than a HRV

Hi Zenek,

Which website is that please?


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