2020 Honda Fit deal check for the girlfriend

hey guys im in MI and the girlfriends is thinking about getting this ride 24MO with 1250 down.
Already told her the dealer fee is bs but shes is dieing to get it. Just wondering what you guys think thanks.

Yet another of these threads where the actual lessee has no interest in getting advice

So what’s the point of this thread again?

Sorry man just looking for opinions, you don’t have to say anything

Just get a civic that’s stupid money for a fit


I second this, or just buy the thing. They are pretty bullet proof, but I bet it’s dreadful to drive with the cvt

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yea sounds good we have been trying but the quotes have been closer to 280 a month, just gotta try different dealers thanks!

Is the car in that pic on the quote really missing wheel caps ?


LMAO your right I looked it up on the website…

LMAO. I hate it here.


Because the opinions of a dozen Internet posters conveyed through a third party carry any weight.

With that:

You’re at an effective $280/mo for 2 years on a Fit without hubcaps? For your girlfriend?


I could ask why 2 years? Why upfronts at all? Why a Fit? Did you get the numbers?

But this is just sad.

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or you couldnt ask and get on with your day. :slight_smile:

OP seems a real :peach:

Ask for advice while admitting he’s not taking it. Then smart off to the regulars.

Excellent plan.

FWIW I’d ask to get nitro fill and door edge protection added. You don’t want a loved one skating around on atmospheric air and with exposed edges.



Thanks mate im a big novice and was just seeing what people think. I am taking advice just not from people who think im messing around. I’ll be sure to pay for any marketing fees as well.

You’re forgetting GAP, Extended Warranty, wear and tear, and maintenance.

@surreal real advice, this is stupid. Why lease, why not look into financing or at least their options, your real world RV on this car will be way higher than the financial service set one. We’re giving you advice, and professionally, I’m saying you’re pissing money away.

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Who has said you’re messing around?

Your communication style could probably be softened a little. You did come here with a stupid question, after all.



Skip the 24 month idea with any Honda, switch to a civic lx as it would lease better and go make sure they put the hubcaps on before she drives off the lot.
Also, dealer fees is paid by everyone, not a choice. The extras such as protection packages and nitro fills are a scam.


Don’t get offended-some of these peeps are really knowledgable and will steer you in the right direction… You are being REACTIVE instead of being PROACTIVE. Stick around and learn a lot from the veterans here…just an advice

With the FIT-she will be better off buying it, they never have any great leasing numbers on Fit’s

I would look for:
-BMW i3 ($45K car for around $120-200/mo after all incentives and rebates)
-Chevy Trax or Equinox for that same monthly or even cheaper
-Hyundai Ioniq PHEV or EV
-Buick Encore, much nicer interior, still small but a bit bigger than Fit
-Hyundai Sonata-bigger Sedan than Fit
-Toyota Camry $260 ish per month

Just do some more research and the right deal may just fall in when you least expect it (just like some of the sarcasm on this forum) :sunglasses: :call_me_hand: :sunglasses:


But the advice isn’t for him, it’s for his girlfriend.

Talking big financial decisions through is smart, it’s how the question was asked, and on behalf of a disinterested third party (or they would be posting: it’s 2020). So how much weight or impact can it have when it’s for someone else??

To your point @Batmitestar the tone of the question matches the disinterested tone of the responses.

It’s a model that doesn’t lease well, in a brand whose base MF is usually high, in a term HFS would prefer not to do, for a number of miles that rarely makes sense at 24 months -

Honda doesn’t want a 2 y/o Fit back with 24k miles it, and if you insist they’re gonna juice you for it. :man_shrugging:t2:

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MF is 0.00131

Honda doesn’t really want these back in 2-3 years

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Sounds good thanks for the help! im not offended at all im just new and asking a question. Thank you for the reply <3

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