2020 Honda Deals in Tri-State [NJ][PA][NY] area - First month DAS Only! 2020 Honda Civic LX 229 + tax

The Honda deals are first month drive and sign only - everything else is built into the lease. Just add tax, the fee structures are for NJ but nearby states (NY and PA) will be similar if not same pricing. Make sure to include zip code when you text me to get the accurate payment. There is a $100 broker fee when we agree to the price.

My phone number is: 856-338-8311
Please post below/ text me the following details:

Vehicle Make/Model:
Approx. credit score:
Any options you must have:
current Honda in household?:
First responder/medical field?

All deals below are 36 months / 12k miles per year. 0 Drive and sign. Taxes are included at the
If you have a Honda in household we can SIGNIFICANTLY bring down the monthly payment, so please let me know if you have one so we can get loyalty applied.


Current owners/lesses of a 2009 or newer Honda
Members of the same household are eligible, the proof of ownership document must show the same current address which matches the HFS contract.
No trade-in required
Proof of Ownership would be current vehicle registration or current vehicle proof of valid auto insurance.
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Any pilot elite deals?

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid
12k @ 24/36 mths
Limited or XLE with Black Softec interior
Tech and/or Weather pkg

Anyone buy from RODO they have the 2020 Honda Civic sports touring hatchback 36M 12K mikes with only 1st payment for $335 a month including NJ tax.

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I sent a text and waiting to hear back on a Camry lease

Online again, just send a text message with all required info. I replied to the above camry lease. Hybrids are not worthwhile for leasing, the savings in gas are equal or less to than the increase in monthly payments. I can price out everything, but hybrids are only worth while for buying not leasing.

Any deals on odyssey elite white/mocha interior.

Credit score mid 730ish

What are lease prices on the Rav4 Hybrid 36 mos no money down

Hybrids aren’t worth the increase in price on a lease term, only makes sense buying. I can do pricing on any gas model but hybrids make no economical sense.

Is this tri-state only? Or all of the northeast? Asking from Maine, interested in a Rav4 (limited,adventure or offroad) wouldn’t need to ship, for the right price I’ll fly down and drive back

It can be applied to anywhere as long as you pickup. I’d have to know which model you’d want specifically. Did you test drive all three yet?

Toyota Rav4 LE AWD
12k @ 36 mths

And also

Toyota Corolla LE or SE
12k @ 36 mths

Thanks in advance

Toyota Rav4 LE AWD
12k @ 36 mths

What is the lease price for Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 24 Months? With zero down.

I was interested in the accord hybrid. My friend got the fushion hybrid for like 270 and he only has to fill it up once a month. He got it as a second card because his new mustang ate gas.

Vehicle Make/Model: 2019/2020 Honda Accord LX
Miles/year: 12k/36mo
Any options you must have: NA
Multiple Security Deposits: NA

Do you have a sheet/document that would show monthly payments with different down payments? Like what the monthly would be with 2k down or 3k down?

Updated numbers for February

Passport EX-L deals?

Still getting passport numbers. Text me for specific trim models