2020 Honda CR-V- EX-L; $289; $1K down (Not Signed Yet! - Please Evaluate)

The calculator is giving me a different figure than what I have on the contract. Please provide some input on the overall deal. Thank you!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Honda CR-V- EX-L
MSRP: $32,670
Monthly Payment: $289
Drive-Off Amount: $1000 (cash from us)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12K
Residual: $20,582
Incentives: Loyalty $1K & First Responder $500
Region: MA/Northeast
Leasehackr Score: 9.5
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

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If you post your calculator, we can help identify the problem.

Thank you.

Your due at sale amounts don’t match up. If you read through the calculator FAQ, it goes into detail about down payment vs due at sale/drive off, and how to make sure that’s correct.

Also, your sales price has $1000 of the incentives rolled in. Be sure to separate those out.

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Thank you for taking the time. I looked it over & saw where I made my error. Thanks!

Overall, how would you rate this deal?

On the top of current incentives by end of this month there is addiitonal $500 memerial day lease cash. Ask Your dealer to adjust the price.

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I’d say this is very good given other deals we’ve seen here on CR-V.



Could you share the dealer info Please?



Honda Weymouth - fell them Justin sent you. I dealt with Kenny Banks.

Looks solid

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Okay mine is for a Honda CRV LX 2020 black. RV 63 MF .00137 zip 85254. the add ons were originally 2298. Trying to get those gone.
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.42.31 PM

Probably not gonna happen. Just move on to someone who doesn’t play these games.

thanks! is that depending on the dealer? Also, should adds on be zero?

They should be 0.

To some extent it doesn’t matter what the line items on the contract are, what matters is the net result.

Like a car could be $22k + $500 doc in NJ while the exact same car is selling for $23k + $75 doc in NY. I don’t care that the NJ contract has that obnoxious doc fee if my net price is lower.

okay so how is my net looking (looks high to me)? I am in talk with 3 dealerships and they are saying they can’t take the add ons off. It is frustrating. Also, I haven’t mentioned a monthly payment to them but I want it at 300 how do I negotiate that?

First search the forum for example CRV deals (in Shared Deals and Marketplace sections)

Add or subtract rebates that you do or do not qualify for.