2020 Grand Cherokee High Altitude - NJ lease

Hey All,

Been reading up on here for a bit and it’s been very helpful. Currently in a 17’ Overland that’s up next month, so I started poking around to see what deals are out there. I got some numbers back from a dealer by me in NJ. I need to still ask them for the MF they’re using and actual purchase price.

2020 Grand Cherokee High Altitude (slate blue V6)
MSRP: $55,675
DAS: $2,700 (taxes,fees,first month)
(Updated terms put them in wrong at first)

It seems to be fairly good from what I could see, I still think there is more room for going lower. I’ll need to see the MF and selling price they’re using.


Thank you!

Will need more info to evaluate. Discount before rebates? Rebates you qualify for? Mf?

Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned in my post I need to find out what MF they’re using and what rebates. I also have a FCA control number, not helping out as much as I’d imagined it seems like. I believe rebates/discounts took it down to about 51k

Are you set on the GC? There are much nicer cars you can get for the same/ballpark


I do love my overland and figured if I could get that + the black trim that’d be a win/win. I’m not fixated on getting it though.

I do agree though there is others out there. I was looking at a GLC possibly as well.

What else do you think? I’m open to ideas and switching it up.

Look thru the Marketplace… Volvo XC60 for starters.

Tundras are super cheap if you wanna save some money…like 250 ish

Rodo NJ shows a little better, if that’s the vehicle you really want. I agree I’d probably look at a Volvo at this pricepoint, though.

EDIT: dyslexia kicked in. Thought that was $55.3k, not 53.5k. So your quote is for a higher optioned unit.

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My fat fingers put the wrong terms sorry!

39/12 - $488
39/15- $515

I was going to see if they’ll do the 15k/year for the $488. The more I look at those XC60 the more they’re growing one me. I was worried about having enough room

Doesn’t necessarily make it a good deal.

Very true, valid point I agree with that. I’m going to let them sit a bit while I research. It’s a starting point.

The FCA affiliates control number seems to be giving around $2,500 off from most dealers I’ve spoken to. I believe it should be at least 1% below invoice with it, but I could be wrong

Reached out to a Volvo dealer today to get numbers on a XC60… they’re out of their minds with some numbers they want

Did you look at the Marketplace?

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I cross shopped both (JGC High Altitude and XC60) last fall. Liked both. Had a new vehicle discount code through FCA due to an issue with another product, so gave me another 40 a month off final negotiated price. The XC60 is a bit smaller in terms of both overall size and cargo space. The GC both feels and drives like a larger suv whereas the XC60 felt much more like a crossover. So if you like that the Jeep has more of a true SUV feel, it is a bit different in the XC60. When wife’s lease is up in July will strongly consider the XC60 though, many things to like about it.

Any update/did you purchase ? Was looking into potentially getting a High Altitude also !

They are really nice! I mulled it over a bit and thought about changing it up possibly to a BMW, but staying in the jeep is tempting. I got numbers from the dealer it’s going back to for 36/15 at $525/mo, taxes, fees, first month DAS. It’s suppose to go back this month, so I’ll have to decide. I’m not sure how much the programs have changed this month, if any

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You should find that out before you talk to the dealer.

@mllcb42 This was last month… I do check before speaking the the dealer. This was in reference to john_hill since he said he was looking at them currently. I was speaking on numbers I got prior with last months incentives and that I do not know if they’ve changed…

Which lender is your current lease with?

@RVguy Current one is with Chrysler capital That’s going back.

Jesus Christ that’s atrocious