2020 GMC Yukon end of model year


What is the consensus on end of model year Leases on GMC Yukons? The new 21’s are headed to Dealers. Would July/August be good time to try and get a good lease deal on any 2020 left on the lots?

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Check it out and let us know!


I would want a HUGE discount on one of the outgoing 2020s as the 2021s are so much better in every way. I’m talking 20%+ off, otherwise get the 2021.


Your crystal ball is as good as mine. What’s inventory like? What kind of offers have you received already?

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Maybe try hacking an expedition after the new Yukon’s hit. Probably be cheaper than the new Yukon but it will have a lot of improvements as compared to the old Yukon.

I’m sure it must be pretty good. Just got around 17% off Cadillac Escalade which is also end of model year.

Did you ever find a good deal?

Maybe sometime in later fall if a lot of 2020’s are still around.

What I’ve heard from multiple dealers, can’t confirm if true, is that manufactures don’t like to give lease deals once new models hit the lot. They don’t want to deal with reworking residual value’s on the nearly full year old trucks/SUVs and having terrible numbers because of it. So they give big incentives on purchase, not on lease. Was told now is about as good as you can expect through rest of the year.

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