2020 GMC Terrain SLT "Target" Price/Deal


I read on here that we should have a deal already in mind and to try to find a dealer who is willing to do that deal. I came up with these numbers as my “target” deal, or what I will be asking dealers to complete. 2020 GMC Terrain SLT 36 months/10k miles.

The MF and residual is from edmunds forum. The $500 taxed incentive is from edmunds too ($500 lease cash).

I went with a sale price of 20% off MSRP because TrueCar has that as the target mark for a great deal for the specific configuration.

It seems like its too low, is there a mistake in the numbers I plugged or does this look like a good target?

The lease incentive for someone with an existing lease is $1000 (in my region). Plus the $500 lease Bonus cash.

There may be some dealer incentive money going in that TRUE Car discount. I doubt you’ll get 20% off MSRP plus ALL of the incentives.

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I’ll go out on a limb and say you’ll never get 20% off a new GMC before incentives. Trucar includes purchase incentives for the 20%


I did not even think that the 20% included the incentives, thank you. I updated the calculator to remove the $500 taxed incentive.

Never say Never. End of month and 3 more vehicles to get that massive dealer sales incentive

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Sure, but I don’t seeing it happening right now, I’d wager a $20 Starbucks card that the OP doesn’t get 20% off pre incentive.

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I would say OP wouldn’t get 20% on a fart car GM doesn’t go deep like some Manufacture’s do.

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I’ve never had a GM dealer breach 5-6% off MSRP in my 6-month quest to lease ANY of these: Blazer, Traverse, Acadia, Enclave.

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That’s really weird. TrueCar has 5-6% off MSRP as a bad deal and way below average for GMC cars. Is TrueCar not a good source?

Which manufacturers go the deepest?

With a MF of only .00056, roll all fees and taxes into your payment.
As far as the discount goes, 10% before incentives could be doable, 20% is not going to happen unless the stars align.

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Truecar is factoring in that $4,750 purchase only incentive.

Gotcha, then it will be hard to get 20% off MSRP for a lease. Do you think it is worth asking for 20%? Or is it so far out there that it’s not worth it.

Most brands/dealers have suspended stair-step bonuses and sales incentives.

If 5-6% pre-incentive seems normal, how does 20% sound? 3-5x normal

How many Terrain SLTs does your dealer have on their lot?

Did you also look at all the programs for all the trims? My sister was able to lease a Terrain Denali for effectively the same as 2 trims down at time (a couple years ago) because the incentives and residual were better at the time. Worth doing the math.

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If memory serves, when I was shopping blazers about 6 months ago, the numbers I had from my local dealer were around 13% pre-incentive.

I could be wrong though, I don’t have the spread sheets saved since I went a different direction.

That’s like employee pricing, invoice minus holdback and advertising, pretty tough without an employee pricing would be my guess. Even 10% can be tough with a supplier code.

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Most I’ve ever gotten off a GM product was 14% off a Volt with the college discount added. GMC I was at 10% with no authorization code. So I’d be blown away by anyone getting anything crazy like that.

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My wife was shopping Blazers in Jan dealers wouldn’t discount at all.

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I do believe that was while they were doing the employee pricing for all stuff.

Yeah and the scam there is they usually dial back the incentives when they offer employee price for everyone.