2020 GMC Sierra Double Cab - Good Deal? - Loaner Vehicle

So I got the buyers order for a GMC Sierra Elevation Double Cab 2.7L that I’m seriously considering moving forward with. Is this a good deal? This is in Florida. Thank you in advance.

This is a loaner by the way. Incentives and rebates reported on autobytel are below.

I also have the student discount. I also work for a hospital, and qualify as an essential employee. I think the student discount and essential employee are the same though. Both supplier discounts.

Just to clarify: this is a purchase deal, not a lease? If you’ve got a supplier/student/etc authorization I’d push for a little more on a loaner. At first glance this looks pretty good for new stock. It’s about 10% off plus some of the the CCR from the authorization. What are the 999 in accessories? If it’s not something you need or want I’d tell them to ditch them. Also find out if/when the warranty clock started ticking. On a lease that might not be a deal breaker, but if you are planning to keep this a while you might think twice.

This is a purchase deal. $999 accessories mostly include window tint, All weather floor liners, and spray on bed liner. The all weather floor liners are great. I don’t mind paying the $999.

Good idea to ask about when the clock started ticking. I will ask now. Is the 4k manufacturer rebate taxable?

It may vary from state to state, but usually consumer bonus cash is taxable, and dealer cash is not.

Got it.

So I’ve been trying to get an extra $500 off the past 2 weeks. Dealer isn’t budging. Inventory has been low. Judging by whats being reported on other forums, new inventory is roughly two weeks out. I could be wrong though.

What dealer was this in florida?