2020 GLE 350 - South Florida MSRP $70k

Can’t brag, except that we love this truck.
Had to custom order the vehicle back in Feb 2020 just got it now in July due to COVID.

All black everything, AMG pack, AMG night pack, 21 wheels, Napa leather interior, AMG interior, illuminated star and running boards, pano roof, premium pack, driver assist, you name it…

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2020 MB GLE 350
Monthly Payment: 804 (taxes incl)
Drive-Off Amount: $2,500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
Region: S Florida Miami
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


They are not a great lease but damn sexy!

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I agree, the deal actually changed from ordering until delivery, I was really pissed but called MBFS and MBUSA and got a little something to soften the blow.
I was going to walk away from my custom ordered vehicle but back in May I started Looking for similar vehicles nationwide when I was nervous that MB would cancel the order, the dealer told me that many other custom ordered vehicles were cancelled due to factory closures.
I cant even tell you how many dealers I called and cars I viewed Online and I was Only able to find 2 that had all of the options that we wanted , one in NY with MSRP of 69k and one in CA with MSRP of $76k. Needless to say I couldn’t even come close (within $100/mo) on either of them and that’s before adding shipping costs.

Anyhow I’m a little different than most of the LH on here, in my mind an acceptable deal is monthly payment of up to 1.25% of MSRP as monthly payment. This includes all taxes fees and adds back cap reduction into monthly. This is my top limit and this deal came in at 1.24%
My E300 on the other hand came in at .96% which to me is a strong to excellent deal.

Beautiful car - enjoy it!!

I’m assuming you know this already, but by measuring your way, you are not accounting for changes in lease programs. Now you can argue the two are not entirely independent and there is some correlation/causation. For example better lease programs may lead to more demand and dealers less willing to discount msrp. Let’s put that aside for now…as how much lease programs truly drive demand is not something I know well.

Month over month the Mf and residual change. These are completely outside of your control. Say next month the program has a lower MF and higher residual. You agree to the same sales price. In this scenario next month would be a better deal you have scored based on your measurement (lower % of msrp). In your measurement you’d say you did better than last month, great job me, when in reality the local dealer gave you the same selling price…

IMO- You typically want to evaluate the success of your negotiations on the things you can control for.

My concern - By placing a blanket no worse than % of msrp, you may consistently/unknowingly over pay for brands that lease well (bmw) and will never lease cars that lease poorly (Porsche) - the latter is probably a good thing tho.

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Depends on when this was but there have been many, many E-class deals that were way better than that.

Spend a bit more time here and you’ll see that judging a deal based on % of MSRP is a horrible way to evaluate a deal. It tells you nothing about if a deal is good or bad.

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Congratulations on the vehicle. I haven’t looked at your numbers, but what a beautiful ride!

Thanks! I know the numbers are nothing to brag about but sometimes heart has to beat brain…

Nice ride. Glad you’re happy. :smiley:

I havent Seen many at all sifting the forums For months.
Deal was done in May of 2020,
Threw out window sticker but MSRP was around 61-62k
2020 E 300
$524/mo including all taxes
1700 total drive away
Premium pack, parking package, AMG with 19in Wheels digital dash
Don’t love the color, white/nut brown, but this particular on the lot car was about $30/mo cheaper than the next best option which was cardinal red. II’ve got a thing for black/black but couldn’t find one under $585/mo.

Actually 2020 e350. Made a mistake

You got exactly what you wanted at the price you were comfortable with… nuff said :slight_smile: great looking ride - enjoy!

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Would love to know how you or other feel about driver assist package.

I agree. Everyone will tell you that it’s a bad deal and could have been better. In all fairness, you came here for their opinion. What matters is that you are comfortable with the price, that why you signed the deal and /it’s a beautiful car, I could only imagine how much you love it.

In a few months I will also be in the market for the same car with AMG lime and my budget is no more that $850 a month but I will pay a broker here to do the hunting for me to get it lower.

Enjoy the car!