2020 GLE 350 Demo Lease Help

This is a demo car with ~6200 miles, and I don’t think I can push any more out of these guys. Maybe another $500 or so.

I had another dealer quote me 11% off of a new $64k 2021 GLE 350 after a lot of haggle, but the car sold before they could dealer-transfer it. Nobody else is quoting close to that number because there’s no incentives, so I found this demo that still doesn’t feel like such a great deal to me.

2 dealers have offered tax credits on new GLEs (but not demos), that would cut my tax rate from 6.25 to 1.5%, but not much else…

Do GLE leases just suck?

Generally yes but being in TX isn’t doing u any favors. Have you confirmed if MF is base from Edmunds?

This is a horrible deal on a GLE 350, demo and at it only $64K MSRP. I personally gave up on the GLEs and instead ordered a BMW X6, 21’. GLEs are too much work and little incentives. Prior to joining lease hacker my ceiling for a GLE was $800. But all has changed.

I would say keep looking and even try Rodo. It’s that bad these days.

I’ve talked to 3 dealers in DFW, all have the MF marked up pretty substantially. One was at .00220, and the current one was at .00188 for a new 2020, .00178 for the loaner.

Looks like Edmunds has much better numbers than this.

The demo car is at $69k MSRP. The $64k car I was talking about was another cad, sorry for the confusion!

Unfortunately Rodo shows basically nothing in Texas, and it’s worse for the 1 car it does show.

GLE350 leases were so difficult in the summer that I financed mine. Worked out well for the most part. GLE demos are even more difficult to negotiate on - with the low inventory, dealers expect nearly new vehicle money, which is insane.