2020 GLC 4Matics deal check

It’s a new 2020 GLC 4Matics around Seattle
Negotiated to get 15% off MSRP, MF to .00161
Dealer said more than 15% off is almost none in WA, and MF can’t be lower or we have to do shorter mileage(12k, .00131)

Does the deal looks right?
Or should I negotiate selling price or do Portland for better deal?

MSRP: 52660
Discount: 15%
Final Price: 44771
License, government: 914
Dealer Fee: 150
DAS: 9000(first month+government+dealer+MSD+276down)

MF: .00161, down to .00092 with MSD
RV: 53%
No incentive, no rebate
$616/mo after tax

Thanks in advance!

This doesn’t make sense. Mileage doesn’t effect MF, only RV

What does Edmunds say buy rate MF is?

MF .00062, RV 53%
Incentives $500 dealer cash

Also, How could I ask them to apply $500 dealer cash for the discount?
Sorry, still newbie in leasing details

They’re rolling it in to your current discount. The bigger cost to you is the marked up MF.

GLC 300 I would assume.
jacked up MF kill the deal pretty bad…