2020 GLC 300 4Matic - Deal Check

Looking for some feedback on this lease offer I received from the dealer for 2020 GLC 300 4Matic with AMG line, driver assistance, parking assistance, premium, multimedia, and exterior lighting package on it.
MSRP is $57150 and the selling price is $51270. The car will be registered in Santa Clara, CA(95054) and taxes will be levied on the monthly payment.

The dealer quote is a little higher than leasehackr calculator (719.81 vs $715).
The MF used by the dealer is base MF i.e. 0.00108

The lease quote details are as below,
36 months lease, 12k miles per year.

$719.81 with $2574.36 drive-off fees.

MSRP = $57150
Selling Price = $51270
Dealer fees = $122
Lic & Reg fees = $624
Residual value (54%) = $30861
MF = 0.00108

Thanks a lot.


It will be great if I can get some feedback on this. So that I can make a good decision.


Did you check Edmunds to see what incentives or lease cash you qualify for? If so, are they rolled into the discount? If you went with 39 months you might save a little on the payment depending on the new residual.

I don’t think there are a lot of highly optioned GLC300 deals being discussed here, esp for 12K mi/yr.

Agree that you should check Edmunds to see if there are any incentives or rebates for which you qualify. Also check for buy rate MF. The discount is decent. Consider doing MSDs to reduce the monthly.

Would you be willing to take a less highly optioned model? Loaners can be much better value.

Agree, this is a highly optioned GLC, is it necessary? Check out the marketplace section, a decent amount of broker deals with new and loaners to compare to. IMO, I drove the GLC and wouldn’t waste 700 a month on it.

Hi @SteveB25,
Thanks for the response. Yes, I checked Edmunds forums and there’s an incentive of $500. Also, I received a loyalty rebates of $1000. This incentive and rebates is added in the discount by dealer. The total discount I received is $5800 (10.1% off of MSRP).

So you are getting 7.7% preincentive, push for more. I broke out the 1500 and put them under untaxed incentives.

If you added msd and went to 39 month you’d be at $620 per month. Still too much imo.

I like Mercedes with good tech option. Hence chose to have driver assistance, multimedia and parking assistance. I tried pushing dealer on discounts but he said they don’t offer much discount on GLCs as they are very popular and the one I selected has premium options. They said they are giving me base MF of 0.00108 which is usually marked up by dealership. He mentioned they are not making any money in this deal its just my loyalty.

I am new to leasing and hence, not sure how can I negotiate more.

Counter with a higher preincentive, if they say no, shop a different dealership or look into a broker.

All dealerships say they aren’t making money…

I checked with few other dealers even out of state. The max preincentive discount I got from others is 6%

In your opinion, what will be good deal (DAS and payment) on the GLC 300 4matic with these options?

It’s a tough one bc you seem like you are dead set on getting this car with a very high msrp. Just last month @leasecompanions in MD was offering 15% off, but that was last month and in MD.

Have you reached out to brokers in your area or searched marketplace? If I were you, I’d be looking at different vehicles or holding off if possible.

Did you contact SoCal dealers, incl @Calvin.MBFR? My impression is that SoCal dealers can sometimes offer more competitive deals.

I don’t know if the dealer is making $ or not, but if you won’t accept a less highly optioned car and/or really want a specific color combo, you may not really have much of choice. Shop the deal or shop the car…

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@SteveB25 I didn’t reach out to lease brokers. Should I check with leasecompanions? Thanks for your help. Appreciate that!

He’s in MD so you have to ship them, but I know he has like 10 loaners available for 4xx per month.maybe check with the brokers in your area. Like @paranoidgarliclover said above, if you are set on this specific car with options you’re kinda SOL.

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A $57k GLC300 makes me cringe. I think you might be able to find a sticker around $50k and get your discount up to 12% off MSRP. I was able to negotiate 12% off on a C43 coupe so I can’t imagine the GLC300 world be tougher to get a deal on. Make sure you’re at buy rate MF (.00108).

Also do zero drive offs with max MSDs. It’s safer and a better use of your cash.

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