2020 Ford Explorer - SOLD - Please Close Out


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Ford Explorer Limited
Location: Bay Area, CA

MSRP: 53,250
Current mileage: 27,650

Local pickup or buyer pays shipping

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Pristine condition, no accidents

Photos: See attached

Best offer you say?

I’ll start. $1.


Let’s get it going at $20K.

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$20,000 and an already fucked chicken

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A relative just bought a 19 base with 30k for 26k from a dealer
This is a limited !

Was that a bid? It says best offer. I guess we are ebay now.

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I’ll pay 26k :joy:

@unikrnhuntr lock me in


What does that mean? I’m curious and also worried.


How have offers from online places and local dealers been? May be an easier vs selling it here

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Ya- I’ll probably try that again. Local dealers have been low balling. I think highest I have is $39.5K from driveway.

Would be nice to just not have to pay the ~$500 return fee.

After tax I think total buyout is $39K ($35K+ Cali tax). I’m not looking to turn a profit; so driveway offer would get that done. I am now just wondering if I really want to put down $40K and hold it until I get title, just to flip it for $500.

Not sure if I’m thinking about that correctly

The MMR is around $37K. If you have an offer at $39.5K, that better then I would expect.

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Seeing as the offer can change at any time, I’d just pay the $500 dispo fee and move on


What about California’s 10 day tax buyout exemption?

What’s the mechanics on how this works? Is it California reimbursing me the ~10% once I prove I held less then 10 days or something I work out with the bank (so they don’t charge me 10%)?

Thank you

I’ve seen a few people have to fight for it
Check the thread

thanks - I will check it out for future.

And then - this has been sold!

I sold it to a local Ford dealer - they gave me $1K. Nice because I was just trying to avoid the depo fee. Although, I definitely left some $ on the table (if I could figure out the cali 10 day tac emption) as I owed ~$35K and I think you could sell this Ford for $38K-$40K quick sale. Dealer will probably try to get ~$43K for it.

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