2020 Ford Explorer revealed




Not feeling it.


Good lord… look at that infotainment display. It looks like a phone sitting in a charging dock.


I wonder why they moved back to a RWD architecture. I prefer RWD, but most people don’t care / don’t know the difference and are better off driving FWD. Is it going to impact rear cargo space / 3rd row seating with the need for the hardware supporting the RWD layout?


Probably to allow for them to mount a longitudinal engine plus increase the towing capacity. I would think it’d have a negligible impact on rear space since it’ll still have a rear differential no matter what for AWD.


What is up with that infotainment orientation and integration? Woof.


Apparently, the switch helped to increase interior space:


I don’t hate the infotainment, but it is different.


The vertical info screen is part of an option package, you don’t have to get it.


I… I… kind of like it? Maybe I’m just shocked.


Outside looks decent. I like the interior of the current generation much better but maybe it’ll grow on me. Still keeping the wife’s 2018 Explorer for at least 3 more years so we’ll see!