2020 F 150 Limited deal


Hi and thank you so much, in advance, for your help!
I’m looking at leasing a 2020 F 150 Limited 4x4 and I’m trying to put together a lease deal that I can present to the dealer. I went over to Edmund’s and got the MF/RV, and I know what the current incentives are, but I need some help putting things in the right place in the calculator. Here is what I have so far…
I’m in NJ…
MSRP - $74980
MF - .000425
Residual - 64%
Incentive - $250 lease cash
Trade Assist - $2500 (coming out of a 2018 F150)
AQHA member - $500

So, my questions are…

  1. Since I can’t find any deals like this on LH to compare to, what is a fair discount for me to ask for, off of MSRP, before rebates and incentives?

  2. Where in the calculator do I include the 3 incentives that I listed (correct me if they’re not all incentives).

  3. Am I better off looking for a leftover '19?
    Thanks again!

I was feverishly researching the F-150 (not in your MSRP range) at about $55,000 MSRP right after X-Mas 2019. Ford had stackable rebates on 19’s to the max with those in the know able to get 29% off MSRP. I bought a Mustang GT vert at 24.8% off instead.
Anyway, F-150 rebates are not great right now so I would sit tight on anything (purchase or lease).
The F-150 cycle of annual rebates in calendar 2019 was the tightest I have seen since 2017. For example, F-150’s in 2018 had substantial stackable rebates as early in the year as May on 2018 models already.
My advice is to sit tight as the stock market is out of control, Ford will be doing a new F-150 model soon which usually adds rebates to get rid of old models.
To be simple, don’t buy/lease a F-150 until you can get 25% or more off MSRP.


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OOPS, one more thing; when considering JUST The discount from MSRP (not including rebates) shoot for 14% off and settle for 12% off.


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Thanks a bunch for the advice! We have 5 payments left on my husband’s Infiniti, so don’t actually need a new vehicle until that lease is up. I was hoping to take advantage of the trade assist since I have to give my F150 back now, but I’m sure you’re right and it definitely makes more sense to wait for more rebates and incentives.

The 2019 do have an extra 2000 if you have a current ford f150 red carpet lease.

Thanks! Yea, according to Edmund’s, there are a few, but I’m not sure of they’re all stackable… It doesn’t specify, but I should be eligible for all…
#50510 $250 bonus cash
#50512 $2250 bonus cash
#37492 $2500 loyalty
#13670 $500 bonus cash
Also, to the dealer, the trade-in assist program still exists so that should be $2500
I also qualify for $500 AQHA cash

If you have any insight into this, I would be grateful! All together, that’s a great number, but again, I don’t know what I can combine.

Here are the Xplan stats for a 2020 F150 in NJ Data suggest anything more then 10% cuts into trunk money. I know you want a Limited, but the XLT looks way more hackable. Also, a 2019 Limited has both a bigger discount and more rebates but not sure on the MF and Residual.


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@z0lt3c Thanks! So, is a loyalty program stackable with the bonus cash? Also, do you know anything about the Trade Assist program and whether that would apply coming from a 2018 F150 King Ranch and into a 2019 Limited? This dealer told me there isn’t trade assist on the Limited, but I don’t know whether to believe him or not since I can’t find that info anywhere.
Thanks again!

@SMM999 I don’t see a loyalty program or a trade assist offer on the F150 Limited right now in NJ. Keep in mind we are turning over months so programs can change. These would be stackable with the current offers if you find a dealer offering one…

If you are looking at a 2019, here is the X-Plan data

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@z0lt3c great to know they’re stackable! Edmund’s does list one, and I just had a different dealer tell me that there is a $2500 trade-in assist available to me. It’s crazy how many different answers you can get about this topic!