2020 Explorer XLT with 202A

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Thoughts on this deal? Boston Area. I cant get the math to line up. Looking at a 36/12k lease on a 2020 Explorer XLT with 202A (but no comfort package, no sun roof, no heated seats).

MSRP $45,840
Sales price before rebates $43,748
$3000 ford rebates
Acquisition fee of $645
APR =.25. MF figures to be .00010417 (I cant find the MF on Edmunds so i dont know if they are playing with it. Do i need to register on Edmunds to see it?)
Drive off = $1136 which includes first month payment, $170 registration, $424 dealer doc fee
Base monthly payment is $456/mo but Ford adds excise tax in MA so the total monthly payment is $542

Residual is at $25,212

My math is off. Thoughts? thx

Not much to do but push on the sales price. Also do you really want a car without heated seats in Boston?

I thought about it but only used the seat heaters in my Highlander a handful of times. Nice to have i guess.

That excise tax is robbery. Anyway you need a much bigger discount from them or another dealership. Also check out some of the recent pilot deals on here if your open to other options.

I found a much better deal on a 2020 Pilot Touring and was ready to jump until i heard about the electrical system issues many people are reporting.

And yes, the excise in MA is pure robbery by the state.

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Iā€™d rather have a Pilot Touring than an Explorer XLT