2020 Dodge Hellcat Deal Check

Hi Leasehackrs,

Currently negotiating a 2020 Dodge Hellcat (non redeye, non widebody) for 24/10. I know that there have been fantastic deals for these in the past, but I’m trying to get on the American muscle bandwagon late.

MSRP: 68665
Selling Price: 63790 (7.1% off)
Months/Miles: 24/10
Residual: 70%
MF: 0.00019
Tax: 6.25% on selling price (Texas)

I’ve got the salesman down to base residual and MF with 7.1% off MSRP, but that’s apparently as low as he can possibly go. Do you think that there’s any more to squeeze off the selling price or is that it? If the powerdays discount applied to leases then I would’ve already signed, but it apparently doesn’t.

This is no deal, this is a proper screwing. Run, don’t walk away.

Thanks, nice to know that my instincts were on the right track. I was initially reeled in by the advertised price that had 18% off MSRP - that would be worth considering. However, the sales guy was adamant that it was for finance only.

I’d check out Edmunds to see what incentives are looking like and target no less than 10-12% dealer discount before incentives (if any) factor in.

Yeah, apparently no incentives right now according to Edmunds. I’ll just hold fire and see if deals change later in the year.

Thanks for the help.

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Try shopping out of state but also within state ask to see if they’re offering any tax credits to offset some of the (MASSIVE) tax burden.