2020 Corolla Hybrid LE

I wanted to get your feedback on the following lease.

2020 Corolla Hybrid LE

MSRP: $24,129
Negotiated Price: $22,079
MF: 0.00084
Residual: 58%
Zip Code: 60642
Lease Incentive: $500

$0 DAS // $277 a month

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Are the taxes accounted for ? Thanjs

What are the miles? Does this include tax?

What are the terms? You left a lot of information out.

Its 36/10

There was a mistake in my previous post which accounted for a trade-in.

Here is where I am currently at with NO trade.

$24,671 MSRP
$21,500 Selling Price
$500 Lease incentive
36 months / 10k miles
58% residual
.00108 MF
$1032 in state tax as well as $25.65 in monthly usage tax
$595 for acquisition?

This is also putting first months payment at signing. All of this has me a $310 a month.

I am trying to be in the low 200’s. My trade is probably worth 1K.

Might target Corolla SE’s or Subaru Legacy’s unless I am missing something here

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Yeah I’d look at the regular corolla, Subaru and throw the Jetta in too.