2020 Chevy Colorado Z71 Deal Advice

See attached dealer disclosure work sheets. The lease calculator is giving me a score of 7.8, which I’m guessing isn’t great?

MF is .00139 on the 36 month lease and .00159 on the 48 month (I’d rather go 36).
Residual is 58%

I’m hoping to get a payment in the $350 range (incl. taxes). Besides haggling over the price, what else can I do to get this closer to that payment? I’m planning on paying first month, doc and lic. fees, but no down payment. Is the acquisition fee negotiable?


This Is Utah looks like good luck with LHM i tried hacking them before couldn’t get any decent deals out of them.

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Ditto what @Bigpoppa09 says about Larry Miller, tried a couple times to deal with them on a VW and they didn’t want to play ball, great at following up, but terrible pricing. Colorado’s just don’t lease that well, that looks like Silverado money to me(look at Toyota if you want payments in the $300’s)


Also to add on to what @joeblogs said that is Silverado money to me as well as he pointed out if you looking for a cheaper truck payment. The Toyota offerings would be right for u me personally if i was looking for a pick up i would choose the Silverado or Ram better styling but that would mean a higher payment. Good luck

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Thanks for the replies. This is my first attempt at leasing a vehicle in Utah. Moved up from SoCal a couple years ago, which is where I landed my current lease on a Subaru Outback for a steal.

I’m also looking at Tacomas. I just liked the styling and size of the Colorados a bit more.