2020 Chevy Bolt Premier 36mo/10k

Wound up re-doing deal after paperwork snafu. Worked out in my favor.

Given that people in CA got etron for 24 monthly payments of $400, can’t say that’s a good deal on an EV.

Bummer, I just upped my Bolt deals to 13% off pre-incentive :frowning_face:


Negated by your mandatory dealer-installed “security system” - your one pay quote with the “13% off” sale was only $250 less than the sum of my 35 payments. Only diff in MSRP was all weather mats and wheel locks.

My new quotes are 13% after the security system. If you had told me you were going to buy elsewhere I would have dropped it.

Oh well, still a good deal. Enjoy it in good health!


@ethanrs im interested in a bolt can you PM me the numbers?? Thank in advance.

same here i’m all ears.

10k vs 12k one time pay lease

Same , interested in nj :joy: