2020 Chevy Blazer RS AWD - Feedback


Looking to get a GM vehicle with a code from my uncle that worked for them for 20+ years. This is my first lease and I have been reading here for a while. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much baseline on the Blazer to find a reasonable % off MSRP. Right now I sit at 8% - other dealers have tried to give less so I guess I am happy with what I have so far.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Chevy Blazer RS AWD
MSRP: $51035
Monthly Payment: $436.92
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2,750.28
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00041
Residual: 61%
Incentives: GM Family First Supplier Pricing + $1,250
Region: North East
Leasehackr Score: 9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

At effectively over $500, it’s pretty meh as a deal. You may want to look beyond GM to see what else you can get for your dollars, code or not.


Appreciate the feedback and I agree with you. I tried multiple dealers and got no real discount.

Check out the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections

Ok, so I stuck with it. I am choosing between this and a Highlander XLE AWD. I get that they are two different vehicles. Here was my email that I sent to maybe 15 dealerships - finally someone bit. Any suggestions for getting the next one down?


I hope all is well by you. I am interested in leasing the Blazer RS you have in stock at your dealership. Stock #XXXX

I am looking to be under $375 a month with only tax, tag and fees due at signing. I have GM Family and Friends Employee discount, along with the current cash rebate. I have no current leases in my household.

Let me know if you are willing to discuss at this pricing for 36 months and 10k a year in 11570 and tier 1 credit.

I would like to make a deal within the next day or two.

A 10% discount on a Blazer is really good. If that’s what you want it’s a good deal. I would do it.


Is this an actual quote you received, or your proposal? 10% is a strong discount, if you like the Blazer that sounds pretty good for the money relative to MSRP. I’m not certain how the Highlander compares price wise at the moment.

Yeah I like the tech on the Blazer, the panoramic roof and the all black look.

Highlander would be very similar in pricing actually, $450 all in which is basically the same as this.

Right now the dealer is 2 hours away so I am trying to get someone to beat or match that is much closer.

This is the actual quote I received.

You could shop it to get someone to match but I’m not sure about beating it. If I really liked the vehicle I’d be happy with that deal. I haven’t really checked the Blazer out enough to really comment on it beyond that.

IMO this ambiguity really works against you for 2 reasons:

  1. What fees? $85 doc or $899? $795 acq or $1,095 with markup? Accessories, addons, and destination? You leave yourself open to a much higher DAS than anticipated with this ambiguity

  2. Give people less guesswork. Dealers are used to asking people what they want DAS in part because that’s what their computer asks them. Just throw out an exact dollar figure for their DAS if you are taking approach of offering a monthly payment and a DAS.

You’re not including the link to the LH calculator in your email as well, are you?

You are right - that really does leave this open to ambiguity. Thanks for feedback!

I just reached out to a local dealer that I test drove the car with and offered $425 a month with $0 DAS. Hoping they can come back with something

No, no - I would never haha

I waited to get a baseline from one dealer and then I worked off of that.

Edit -

Sorry, I see where you would think that I had sent the calculator to the dealer. That was just for reference here.

At $425/mo, you are asking for ~$1000 discount?? That would make this a ~12% deal. I want the dealer name if you get it.

My local dealer balked at my numbers so I am pushing the farther dealer. I am ready to take the deal set forth as noted above, but figured if I told him I really wanted to get to $425 with $0 at signing he can knock a little off. Told him if he got there I would put a deposit down tonight and pick up the car tomorrow, so let’s see how eager he is to make the deal.

Remember, I do have GM discount from my uncle. Apparently, this is the deepest discount out there. Not sure how replicable this deal will be.

If you do get the Blazer RS, you’ll be very happy.

Rented one down in FL for a few days this past winter and really loved it. 21” wheels, aggressive sporty look, roomy and the tech was incredible. (360 cam, Bose stereo, wireless charging etc). It was roomy and also did not feel sluggish like most SUV’s/Crossovers do.

Def steer clear of the Highlander :sleeping: :zzz:

Haha thanks man - coming off of a 2012 E63 AMG, so I wanted something a little exciting. The tech seems great too - making sure I got the fully loaded version too.

I like the Highlander’s styling and room - will look at that when my gf’s lease is up. Her Nissan Rogue doesn’t carry all of the baby stuff anyways.

Wait a sec… this dealer came back with EXACTLY what you asked for, and you are pushing more? You said you would take the deal at $375 plus taxes and fees, and they said yes. So you need to take that deal, IMHO.

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Not really, I had asked to be under $375 per month and they came back at $395. If there is no room, then there is no room. I will find out today.

No. You said 375 plus fees and taxes. In your calculator, you rolled in the acq fee. That is still a fee. So click to pay that up front and they gave you EXACTLY what you wanted. It does say 375 and you said under, but that could very well be 374.99 since the calculator doesnt show change.