2020 Chevrolet Blazer in metro Detroit

I am looking for a lease under $370 a month for a Blazer, Acadia or Grand Cherokee Limited with $1000 DAS (Options I want are Sunroof, Leather and AWD/4x4).

I went to a Chevrolet dealership today in metro Detroit during my lunch break to look at the Blazers and I got some numbers from the salesperson. The numbers came back at $505 a month for 36/12,000 with $900 DAS and GM employee discount. I told the salesperson that’s way higher than what I wanted to pay for this vehicle. He goes to his manager and about 5 minutes later the manager comes over and tells me they can work it down to $399 with same DAS.
So my question is, what did the manager do? I have a screenshot of the vehicle with MSRP price $43,235.


I’m confused by your question. They just gave you a bigger discount…Some dealerships always give first pencil above sticker.

Discounted the vehicle further than they did (if at all) on the first pencil? Not sure how we can possibly answer this without a deal sheet.

I am just confused by managers quickness to knock off $3,600 (36 x $100) off a lease. Is this a great lease payment on this vehicle? I have leased about ten vehicles in my lifetime and never had this happen and it threw me for a loop.

Sorry, I wish I would have taken a picture of the printout with different down payments and monthly rates.

Who knows, maybe they need to move units this month. Maybe they went from a sticker/sucker deal to see if it would stick and then moved right to their best deal.

Without more info (or being that familiar with GM leases), you’re around $425-$430/mo if you did just first due at signing. Without knowing more (breakdown of numbers, taxes, etc) on face value, seems like a fairly good deal to me.

Totally need way more details. Ask them for a pencil of the deal

OK, I plan to get more details soon. Thanks everyone

Get the worksheet, as other suggested. Never know if manager was bumping you to 42/48/60 mos or any number of other things. They also love the “oh wait, you still gotta add taxes and tags, ya know.”

GMS pricing is fixed. You should get the same number at every single dealer if it’s the same vehicle and no MF markup and no flex cash.

You need to read leasing 101 and understand how a lease payment is calculated.

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It’s pretty scary that you walked into a dealership without any clue what your target should be.

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If you ever find yourself with a dealer offer in front of you and you’re left asking"is this a good deal", you have done yourself a grave disservice and set yourself up for failure.

Remember, talking numbers with a dealer is for finding someone to do your target deal, not for finding out how much a car should cost. Would you rather pay what you want to pay or what the dealer wants you to pay?


My target was $350 per month including taxes and fees with $1000 or less DAS (24/ 12,000 or 36/12,000) or lower for a 2020 Blazer with a sunroof, awd and leather.

I went to the dealership to get more realistic view than the advertisements they run with unattainable stacking rebates.

In the past, i have used GMS and feel like that i could have got a better deal without it because the salesperson would state there is no other discount the dealer can do to it to add more value to GMS pricing.

So when they presented you $399, what did you counter with?

First off was “am I gonna get 2 boat payments or three”. Some people walk in and just agree, as a salesperson on commission you cannot give your best deal up front.

It’s fine to walk in shooting for a price point, but if you read up on the tips on here it’s best to go in knowing MSRP, the discount you’re looking for, what the MF and incentives are, and how it all affects your payment (that’s what the calculator is for). This gives you more tools to negotiate the deal you want.

Better yet, spend your lunch break emailing local dealers and negotiating by email until you have the deal you want, then go in and sign paperwork.

I did not counter with anything. The vehicle is for my wife who was not with me and I told the salesperson and manager which they knew from the beginning that i need to talk to her cause she wanted white and this vehicle was silver. We got a great selling offer for a 2015 Dodge Journey through carvana.

I have reached out to a member here who got a good deal on a RS AWD locally and will check out that Chevrolet dealership with a better plan.

I have tried the emailing route in search of a used 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Limited but didnt have sucess. i eventually found a great deal locally by luck from a dealership who only advertises on their website and carfax so not a lot views on this vehicle and it kept getting marked down. I paid under $25,000 OTD.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

this is a typical trick in negotiation. this first offer is always crazy high. this has 2 effects:

  1. test if you are a serious buyer.
  2. set up your expectation.

the 2nd offer is usually case by case. sometime dealer will come back with a reasonable offer. more than often, dealer will give you an offer looks good on paper but still way above their bottom line.
since they already set you up with high price tag expectation , a significant drop on monthly payment may seem very attractive now. lot of people is willing to proceed with the 2nd offer even though the price is still higher than the what they originally perceived.

if you are not happy with 2nd offer and walk out, dealer may finally give you a 3rd offer which meet your original expectation and somewhat fall into dealer’s bottom line price range.