2020 CADILLAC XT 6 premium 499/MTH for 36 months


Here is the deal that I am looking at, can I get your opinion

Are you getting the 2500 miles back or are you accounting for that 700 bucks in mileage charge or is if included? Looks like it’s included but I don’t promise anything.

Here’s my best shot at a calculator, I’d need a state or dealer doc fee and zip for a better shot, but at 3/month off I’m close enough to post it.

I live in GA, 30097. I think the tax is 6.5. I want this or Lexus RX350 L or F Sport. I thought about the VW Atlas, but the MF is ridiculous if I saw it right. Someone said I should consider Mercedes GLC.

And sorry @HersheySweet , I don’t know what you mean by 2500 miles back or 700 in mileage charge. I also am a Costco member so not sure if they have a discount for Cadillac. I am thoroughly enjoying learning this. I just started study about 2 weeks ago and have learned a lot about BAD deals :slight_smile:

My experience has GA doc fee 500+, if you can pm or post a censored deal sheet or more info I can help you better.

No Costco for Cadillac, just Chevy, GMC, Volvo, and I think Buick.

Sorry @HersheySweet . This deal is come from a dealership in St. Louis MO. My apologies for not stating that. Will work on getting that sheer