2020 c300 DEAL CHECK

Hey guys I want to get this c300 RWD with AMG line and night package deal a lot lower. My leasehackr calc says I could get down to $437 INC tax. with the dealer cash I found from costco auto of $1500. MF .00075 and Residual 57%.

Currently he’s offering the attached picture

What should I do from here?

Most dealer will include all the dealer cash to the selling price of the vehicle. The residual and money factor is for a 4matic. Is that what this is?

These cars can be had all day long at the following price:

  1. 11-13% off MSRP before incentives
  2. buy rate MF - search Edmunds

That’s the best you can do unless you find a 2019 or loaner.

you delete his email and pretend that never happened.

You take your search elsewhere. $600 for a lightly optioned C300 is a crime

From here you should go to Edmunds with your car info including trim and zip to double check MF, RV and incentives. The dealer above said he believes your numbers are incorrect.
Your discount is normal but monthly is way too high so most likely marked up MF. Work on getting whatever Edmunds says is base.
With the MSDs your adding, you should just roll upfront cost in so it’s $0 DAS (except MSD). If they don’t accept, move on.