2020 Buick Envision offer - updated with deal sheet. Can GM dealers markup the acquisition fee?

This is a counter offer to a competitor’s offer of $36,200 on 2020 Buick Envision AWD Essence. He cut $200 off.

MSRP $41,230
Selling price $36,000
Loyalty/bonus cash $2000
MF .000908
RV 60%
0 DAS on LH calculator has a $420 monthly

How much more room to grind? Keep in mind, I am in Maryland. Taxes are on the full amount.

employee pricing now, right? That means pricing should be similar, but need to check their lease numbers when they present them.

Verify the RES/MF is correct for your zip.

also, sometimes dealer programs make the difference (oil changes, car washes, etc) and sometimes an aged car will drive the dealer to discount more in this time period. (employee price)

AFAIK Employee pricing is only on Chevy right not, not other GM brands.
Hoping I might still get Costco on this, even though it is well below the Costco supplier pricing.

ah - I assumed (you know what happens there…) it was across the brands. The Buick promo varies based on zip (% off), so maybe check on buick.com or edmunds if this is in line, maybe a little more available. I dont know how they reimburse the dealer.
re:costco, I havent claimed one yet, but it looks like it doesnt matter what the price is, just need to get registered through costco site beforehand - maybe be specific to dealer area, so the particular dealer comes up? there are probably a few costco threads on here to check this out…

Discrepancy on deal sheet between purchase price/fees and Balance Due. Difference is $795. LH calculator says Buick Acquisition Fee is $650.
I’m assuming they marked it up. Is that legit?

not sure the regs for GMAC lease acq markups - some companies allow it.

the lease worksheet has much more of the necessary info, though.