2020 BMW330XI Demo Deal Check

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Hello lease hackers, first I want to thank you guys for everything you do in the forum, if it wasn’t for you guys I would most likely be paying Msrp. Lastly, can any of you go over this lease deal and tell me if anything is fishy? I received over a 25% discount off the Msrp (with rebates/incentives) yet the price of this vehicle is the same as a neighboring dealership with a 20% discount off Msrp. Below is the quote, please tell me if this is a good deal, cause this took 2 days of back and forth.

2800 MSD, BMW loyalty(2000), Recent Grad(1000), and lease cash (750)
No due at signing, other MSD, first payment.

I’m not sure where the customer cash went and rebates really? the deal/state fees and taxes were 1,242+1,149= $2390. With the big 25% discount I asked them where the customer cash went and rebates and they said both into the drive off? my tax is in the payment? The Sales/Dealer/State fees can’t account for that much can they? The manager didn’t seem to have an explanation. there was also $2800 in customer cash. Thanks

I see 17.5% off. How do you see 25?

What’s the breakdown of the dealer/state fees?

The dealer told me, with the rebate and discount on Msrp the deal is 25% off the car. They also told me they added customer cash to “help” me with the payments. I’m not sure if this is a great deal? The money factor is .00064 with my MSD down. I see other people getting better deals with a higher Msrp.

I Think you need more info from the dealer

Thanks Trato, what exactly should I ask to be more specific? my original questions didn’t really barter a genuine answer from them and they brushed it off.I’m going to be more stern with my questions. They just wanted me to sign the papers and kept insisting.

There is no break down of the dealer/state fees. They just gave me the total cost of 1.Dealer/State Fees and then 2. Sales Tax.

Ask them for the breakdown. Your payment has to be much less with that discount and $3750 in incentives. What’s the tax rate in your state? Is it based on monthly payments or total amount of the car? Is this a 36/10k lease?

This is a 36 month 12k mile lease but it’s a demo. Tax rate is 6.25 sir!

If you’re not sure, walk away, and don’t talk to another dealer until you have already worked out what the deal you want is. If you go into the conversation with the dealer without already knowing exactly what a good deal is, you have nothing to compare to and are setting yourself up for failure.

I think the problem is they are counting your incentives in the “savings”. It makes your discount only 9.4% which is horrible.

I can’t seem to find the 25% discount anywhere here lol. As mentioned above spend some time doing more homework on this model, the discount you are receiving for this demo is not great by all means.

Oh that makes much more sense, Thanks for the clarification and creating the lease hacker for me, Batistuta.

Thanks for the reply Neoo, yeah when I saw the quote, with 17.5% off msrp and the rebates I thought I hit 24-25%. Really, It’s me getting screwed when I stop to think. Thanks.

You hold their hand. some dealers are ok with it, some not. You tell them you want 20% discount BEFORe any incentives. And then stack them up. If they even give you 17-18%, take it. Anything less than 15%, walk.
Do you have OL code?

Hi sir, I don’t have an OL code, I couldn’t find a registration for one. Thanks for asking though. Are you aware of any to register? Yeah, This isn’t a good discount for a loaner with miles looking at the whole picture…

I don’t like dealing with pushy dealerships. If you really want this car, I’d play with the calculator to see what numbers come up with a 16, 18, and 20% discount. Then I’d call the salesperson up, tell them I want 20% before incentives, see what he/she agrees to, and his numbers match up to the calulator.
If they agree, take the deal. If they dont, ask them to loose ur contact info.

No problem. Try to contact more dealers. Don’t limit yourself to one.

I see boozinix, thanks for the clarification. What I noticed was the rebate was inside the discount of the Msrp… ignorant of me not to notice that. I’ll tell them!

Thanks mllcb42, would you agree that there’s hidden costs in this deal? For an aggressive discount it doesn’t add up… thanks for help.

What does the calculator of this look like compared to a target deal at the same discount?

How many miles on this demo? The RV hit on a higher mileage demo can be more significant than one thinks. My guess is this is in the high 4xxx mileage range and they’re marking up the mf and that’s why it seems high.