2020 BMW X5 Loaner

Hi All,

This is as close as I can get the calculator to my proposed deal.

$69,445 MSRP
4,500 loaner miles
I have college grad & loyalty.
Can’t get numbers to line up perfectly to my agreed upon numbers of:

$638 per month for 36 months, 10k miles per year
$2600 total out of pocket

(I know I shouldn’t put any money down but husband gets nervous when he sees a number in the 700’s per month LOL, a girl’s gotta dow hat a girl’s gotta do)

Calc is here:

What are your thoughts?

Instead do 4 MSDs and you will be at 708 with 0 DAS

Dealer is located in NY. MSDs not allowed.

Does this one have all the features you need?

Yes, checks all my boxes and it is the exact build I was looking for.

Govt fees seem really high for NY, and doc is capped inside NY at $75.

Tax is wrong, it should be the second option and the percent doesn’t sound right. What county are you in? Check the official .gov site for the rate in your county.

Yeah, I’m thinking my Calc is off because I don’t have all the numbers so I input some in myself.

All in all it’s $638, $2600 out of pocket effective payment of $710.

Could you please PM where you get the deal?

OP has not yet signed the deal. If you want a similar deal, you can either do the legwork or hire a broker.

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So which inputs are real and which ones are guesses?

And what happened to finding the tax rate in your county?

Looks like a pretty good deal…especially if you did this on your own!