2020 BMW X5 Loaner Lease


2020 bmw X5 Executive package, driver assist pro
msrp 68,600 loner fart car 4500 miles.
They came back with price of 61,000
would give me $1000 off for loyalty.
36/1200 residual 36128
$944 first payment sign and go with all fees rolled in.
out of pocket total 34k.

I had expectations of $760
out of pocket of 27500

So who was more off?
my expectation or their selling price


Dude, you need to take a step back. Research this forum and figure out what’s a realistic discount and compare similar deals.
In an ideal situation, try to get 19-20% off before incentives. Considering low inventory, you might be ok with 15%. Check Edmunds for what incentives are available and make sure you get those (some dealers are VERY stingy). Then compare MF from Edmunds and make sure you are getting base MF.

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The first question that needs answering is what your expectation of $760/mo was built around.

Fair question That is what I was willing to pay
and expected to get. Watched this site for many months and that is what i decided was the right number. Texas is not lease friendly

summoning @Electric

So what is killing this deal? Is it a marked up MF, a poor pre-incentive discount, or incentives you don’t qualify for?

Did you come up with that $760/mo target based on a set pre-incentive discount that you estimated from other deals here and then applied the lease terms/taxes that apply to you?

Maybe if you got tax credits it’ll help (certain new vehicles only, at dealer’s discretion?) but I think that adds $100+/mth at least. Yeah, the TX experts can weigh in after you’ve locked in the target vehicle numbers.

Update your title to be more meaningful.

11% discount on a loaner is not consistent with what I read on this site.

Yes, but you need to remember there are serious inventory issues, and dealerships have been told to not discount X5s. There are no volume bonuses either, Texas has low doc fees, there are no incentives, the residual is a paltry 55% for 10k before mileage is added in – take your pick. Even a base X5 is not $750 in Texas. You have to think about all these factors, plus the fact that you’re taxed on the selling price. Even if a $68,000 car is discounted 20%, you’re still taxed on over $54,000, which is equivalent to just about $100 per month.

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Thank you ISC

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19-20% on an X5 is unicorn territory even when inventory is fat.

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