2020 BMW X5 Deal signed

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Just put a deposit on this deal. Wanted to see if it was a OK deal.

2020 X5 with M Sport package.
MF .00142
MSRP of 71945. Sale price of 64207.00 before rebate of 1750 (no loyalty). I think it is about 10.7% before rebate and 13.2% after.
Monthly lease of 740 plus 4600 DAS.

My target was 12% before rebate but doubt they will go for it. May not be the best deal but certainly a better deal than my older deals before learning more on this website.


Looks pretty solid to me, not much different than my deal after accounting for different money factors etc. Try to push to get into the 11%+ discount preincentive territory. If it’s an in stock vehicle you could try to see if another dealership in the area can get the same car but willing to sell a little lower.

Also you may want to look into adding the drivers assistant professional package - adaptive cruise control and limited self driving pretty useful in the northeast in traffic etc.

Just reread and realized you signed it so disregard what I said above. This is still a solid deal for the car you want.

This is a custom order as I’m still debating on the color. I don’t use cruise control much so didn’t bother with with the driver assistance pkg. if it is only a 170 bucks difference for 11%. I think I could live with that and not do more price shopping. The dealer is only 5 minutes from me.

That’s a good discount on a custom order car. I never used to use cruise control either but the new adaptive + stop and go cruise control has been a game changer for me in terms of long distance driving fatigue and also staying relaxed in traffic. I think it adds more advanced safety features, too. Anyway you may want to test a car that has it to decide for yourself.

Can i ask what dealer in NY? the one i went to was trying to sell me the car at MSRP and said that’s what eveyone pays, i laughed and walked out.

Believe it or not, it is BMW of Brooklyn. The used to have bad reputation, but this is my 2nd vehicle from them (not consecutively). My cousin just got an X3 from them during December year end event. Plugging in their numbers Leasehackr Score of 8.2 Mine was only 7.7. They picked up a car they have in inventory within 2-3 days.

All pros, I have a potential problem hoping someone knows the answer.

My car ordered in 2/29 was still pending build due to factory shutdown which I understand. However, the sale person gave me an estimate that it will be in July before I see the car which is also understandable.

I’d asked if there was something comparable which he said there was one that was close and whether I want it. The potential new one was 1600 less in MSRP but my monthly will remain the same and only change was - $100 out of pocket.

The sales guy was pushing me to this one because he said the program / pricing would change by the time I receive my custom order making it sound like I would loose a good deal. Is this possible? If the delay was on BMW, I think they still need to stick by the original deal regardless of promotion, rate, program change, right?

When I started inquiring why the payment is the same when the car was $1600 less, then he said because it is a new car, program, rate, everything changes. I then question why do I want a lesser car, pay the same while I always suggested I could wait another 1-2 months. Hence, I think the sales guy is trying to pull a fast one on me.

Lastly, If the dealership try to push the program / rate / MF change on me during delivery. What is my options?

Thank you for all the feedback.

It’s been a while since I factory-ordered a BMW but IIRC it was 60 day lock (90 day west coast) … after that you could not choose to keep the original programs (MF, RV, incentives), you had to take the program that was current at the time of delivery.

If you’re in NY, and ended up w 10.7% off pre rebates w a bumped MF, you may be better off reaching to @nextlevelautobrokers and seeing if he can get you the same car for even less.

I’m assuming you can easily walk from that deal.

I understand the 60 days under normal conditions. They would also want to sell you the under as quickly as possible too. But these are unusual circumstances which I thought they would have more lenient policy. BMW HQ customer relations is deferring issue back to dealer as they hold all the control.

I tried with another (larger) dealer in the area, I merely asked them to match the deal just so I don’t have to deal with the current one. They basically said they have no cars to sell now and they are not going to push volume.

Not surprising

I would try Dan :slight_smile:

I guess it doesn’t hurt if it doesn’t cost me a dime.

OP - out of curiosity, what model/trim did you order? their production may be all over the place due to factories opening at different times and the global supply chain problem.