2020 bmw x3 sDrive30 (demo) 1000mile is it good deal?


Hi, first time in leasing. I am living in southern california and tax is 8.75%. Just received quoted 2020 bmw x3 sDrive30i Demo car approx 1000 miles. I am not sure if this is a good deal or not. Msrp on this vehicle is $46294 and not too sure how much discount that I am getting but I think it should be around $40530 based on his monthly price quote of 429 includes tax. $2000 drive off with 36/30000 mile. Rebate i am getting is loyalty $2000 and $750 so total of $2750. Should I sign a contract? Thank you so much for your help!!


If you can confirm with the dealer that is the selling price, you can do better than 12.5% on a loaner.

You can do that same discount on a new unit.

It is demo not loaner. Isn’t that different thing? Not sure lease is a new thing for me lol

Only thing different is loaners are registered and demos aren’t. Either way you’re taking a RV hit and you aren’t eligible for CCA.

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It’s same…you should ask for more discount on a loaner

Trying to get better deal on new vehicle with other bmw dealer but no luck so far. Most of them quoted me for 420 -440 with tax.

Where are you located?

Thank you! Ask for more discount but he say it is already a good deal for the car. I am trying to see if he can lower about $5-10off on monthly payment.

Orange county

Why wouldn’t he say that? His goal is to make as much money off you as he can.

Instead of coming up with random numbers off monthly payment, figure out what the numbers actually should be based on comparable discounts.

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Reach out to a broker or dealer that are in this forum. There are quite a few for SoCal.

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Is CCA is only good for tax credit? I am not using for any of the business purpose.

I already have done that but their price are much higher than this dealer offers.

CCA is a post sale rebate, not a tax credit. I would highly recommend going with someone from this site to get you a fair deal.

On that demo unit, you need to be at 15% off minimum to make it worth it. Otherwise you can most likely get a new unit at 12-13% off.

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What % should I aiming?

@GoldenBottle reach out to @BMW_Dave. He has a New MY20 X3 with same MSRP for almost the same numbers you posted. And if you get the $500 post sale rebate too.


The tricky part about selling prices on a particular loaner or demo car can vary from dealer to dealer. If a dealer has had that car sitting for some time they can get really aggressive, and some people will blindly throw out 20% on a loaner/demo BMW.

However, you need to be aware that this could be a car the dealer just bought at auction and aren’t particularly desperate to get rid of. Do some research on car buying sites and see how long this x3 has been listed. That should give you a barometer of how fast the dealer wants this car off the lot.

As far as negotiating a sales price, we know that 12% is doable on a new car. So you should start at a large discount and go down from there. Don’t be outrageous and ask for 25% - that will likely shut down negotiations.

I will do that. See if I can get the better deal. I thought paying 395 plus tax was a good deal. Still long way to learn :frowning:

Thank you for all the info! Very helpful. Do you think if I ask dealer about 18% is going to be a deal breaker?