2020 BMW X1 xdrive28i am i having good deal?


this is my first post and want to know i have a good deal now
MSRP $41.845
Total saving + rebate $5.875
government fee $177.97
Proc/Doc Fee $144
accessories $0
Capitalized Taxes $0
Gross Cap Cost $39,799,97
Trade Allowance
Adjusted Cap Cost $37299.97
Paid by Costomer $487.12
36/10k is $475.08
36/12k is $487.12

No down-payment
Acquisition fee & Dealer fee? what i have to pay when i take a car that day is all included with Monthly fee so they said i just need to pay $487.12 and take the car

is this ok ? i didn t finish yet so is there hidden fee might come out when i sign up ?

Pre-incentive discount seems a little low

thank you for reply ! what number is average then ? can i know ?

If you look through the threads here, the general guidance on new BMWs is 10-12% pre-incentive with base MF. You can get higher discount on cars that have been on the lot longer or in special circumstances. Key is to separate the pre-incentive discount from the rebates.