2020 Bmw M8 convertible $157k msrp $991/mo+tax, tags, msds 36/7500 23.6% off

2020 M8 vert $157k msrp

$991/mo + tax tags Fees msds must have loyalty

23.6 off msrp

Text me for details and include

Miles per year
Credit score


image image image


Q over in NYC mentioned people being turned down for 8s, that a concern here too?

I have a 750 and have an i8. Only one way to find out really with bmw high end…apply.


If you don’t have the income, doesn’t matter what your score is

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Was just saying that, as another broker mentioned it.

Thanks for removing my calculator.
Residual is 1% lower this month :rofl:

I used yours to estimate mine and didn’t realize it doesn’t update my numbers when I post it. :rofl:

Trying to get one for myself not broker them. Figured I would pass this deal on. I can’t do the orange. But seems like a decent deal for this month. Thanks for pioneering it! Ha

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no problem. Trust me im having same issue. Im selling similar one and everyone keeps asking me to get close to my deal :man_facepalming: now how do i bring back the higher residual and the 2 payment credit :man_shrugging: lol

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Updated this to 22% off msrp! Def a strong discount for these cars.


Sick deal! If I wasn’t over BMW I’d take this thing. Should go fast. Jrouleau426 dropping the heat yet again!

Just a deal I negotiated for myself. Too many great bmw brokers here!

Ahhh. True, but M8-wise this is one of the best ones.

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This is still available with a lower money factor

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Damn such a good deal. Someone jump on this!!

Had 2 people apply and get rejected. I told
The dealer if he goes to 26% I’ll buy it myself but he won’t!

Sold please close

Is the income requirement based off of the total lease cost per year in relation to your yearly salary? If yes, what is the maximum percentage from your income the yearly lease cost can take? Thanks.

BMW financial knows the answer, not me :sunglasses: