2020 BMW M5 Competition deal check!. New to this!

Hey guys. First post here so please let me know if I’m missing information. I’m looking at two cars, 2019 M5 Base and the following 2020 M5 Competition. Please let me know how I can get a better deal, other than waiting and increasing my credit. I’ll be registering the car in Florida.

2020 BMW M5 with Executive Package
Sale Price = $105,375
$2000 of which is rebate, looks like $9000 is dealer discount
MF = .00118, althought I’ve asked them to quote me for MF for 650 credit because that’s where I’m at
DAS - $3395 (300 govt fee, 925 acquisition fee, 699 dealer fee, 1395 first month payment but not sure where the other $76 is)
Residual amount - $66333.75
Monthly payment $1370.52

Not sure if I’m missing anything, let me know. Thanks!


It’s not my business, but it’s free.

If you’re credit is ailing, even slightly, why on :earth_africa: shop $100k cars during a global pandemic?



I think everyone on here is going to have wished you had done some searching before posting.
M5 is a frequently quoted car by many of the reputable brokers on this site.
They can save you more than 200+ per month.
However, I am not sure if this holds true for 650 credit score…


Well my current lease is up in 3k miles, so I need to get into a new lease, and I landed on the M5

So what MF did you qualify for?

I haven’t had them run my credit yet. I’m new to the whole process to be honest, so I could be wrong but I didn’t want to have them run my credit and not come to a agreeable terms and have to go have another dealer run my credit and potentially do that a few times

All those auto inquiries count as one.

You base mf should be 00138 if you’re 650-674 credit. 700+ (740+ is usually auto approval with bmw fs) is 00118. 675-699 is 00128.

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The discount is 7.7% which is horrible for a 2020 M5… also, with that credit score, if you were approved, the bmwfs would want some ccr.

That doesn’t answer my question at all. Though you’re not obliged to do so.

That describes why you’d be shopping for a car.


Shop all similar models in a 300-500 mi radius and don’t fall in love with either of these two. The leasehackr standard is 10% off MSRP before incentives as a target but don’t start feeling entitled to it because depending on the market it may not be realistic.

So for this particular M5 here’s your target:

MSRP: $116,375
Discount: $11,637.50
Incentives: $2,000 rebate
Selling price: $102,737.50

Also, I’ve found most luxury brands deal in gross margins over volume and you’re negotiating on one of their flagship vehicles albeit in a soft market. That being said, their intent would be to make the maximum amount of profit on each unit as opposed to selling as many cars as possible in a month. So, you’d be less likely to get anywhere near the target above but I hope you find a deal that works for you.

News to me.



This is the almost opposite of every BMW deal ever posted here.


Save yourself the trouble, pay the broker fee and get 11% before incentives as quoted in a sheet at the top of latest posts.

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Care to share some links to posts so I can better educate myself?

Try searching. There are many M5 posts of recency.

Literally every BMW deal posted in Shared Deals and the Trophy Garage.

They were clearly volume driven because there was zero to little gross in them.


OP says he’s “new to this whole process,” but also says his current lease is “up in 3k miles.” I thought leases were based upon miles and a specified timeframe … lol. OP is obviously not “new to this process” if currently in a lease.

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Maybe he is new to leasehacking.

Weak discount. Look at the last 2019 model at the Gainesville dealership. They will do 13% at the very least, when I last probed a month and a half ago. Might have potential to squeeze more there.