2020 BMW M4 Lease Deal


Hello All!
I need some advice on this lease quote that I received.
I would like to know what the current Money Factor and RV are for this BMW model.
Also, any advice on what a reasonable counter offer would look like would help me out.
I would like to avoid putting $0 down payment.

Thanks in Advance and Happy 4th!

Hackrs usually get their info from the Edmonds forum. Search forum.edmunds.com and your car model.

Happy hacking!


Base MF is standard across the lineup (.00099 this month).

They can’t play with the RV as that’s set by the bank, I also see they’re charging for that StarGard which you can refuse to pay for as all BMWs come with BMW Assist which tracks the vehicles’ position.

I’ve dealt with BMW Portland before and they’re IMO the most flexible in the PNW.

Aim for 13% off instead of that meager 4% you’re getting along with base MF and call it a day.

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my buddy reached out to them earlier this year on a i8 and their lease rates were comical…

Atrocious discount. What’s the money factor? 12% probably isn’t achievable up there, but counter with 10-11% discount before incentives

You might be better off shipping the car from CA

Horrible deal. Please find another dealership.

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I agree, skip this one.

For reference, although not a direct comparison, here is a quote I received two days ago for an M4 CS.

The top line is for 7500 miles a year, the second line is 10,000 miles per year. This is with 7 MSD and includes sales tax on the payment. This was a pass for me as well.


I leased a 2020 M4 back in early May. Was able to land a solid deal (12%off MSRP pre-incentive, base MF)
Thing is by the end of May we were facing a supply crisis, which has gotten worse now.

Someone told you to aim for 13% off MSPR pre-incentive. I think that’s going to be pretty much impossible. There is no reason why a dealer would do that in the current market. The upcoming G82 is ugly & this is the only M4 in stock for BMW Portland. High demand, short supply…any discount is good. I guess the fact this car isn’t a competition model is why they are willing to play ball.


From what I can tell, having looked around for an M4 for a couple of weeks now, if one can tolerate a CS, there are much better deals to be had than on the regular M4. There are a number of CS kicking around, even in Florida, and with MSDs, 4x BMW credit card rewards, and CCA post sale rebate, would end up being right at about $800 a month all in on a 36/10 for a car at around $117K as mentioned above.

Yeah, that seems to be the case. With the CS, 20%, or perhaps a little bit more, is doable. But of course, the MSRP of the car is so so much higher…And some of them have some outlandish options on them, like the one I was pursuing. $7000 an optional factory wheels was a partial deal killer :frowning:

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The CS still has a grossly inflated price tag so while it comes off as a better deal you still have to decide if it’s really the car you want. Getting rid of automatic/dual zone climate in a $100k car just baffles me. I don’t get how they ditched so much for the illusion of saving like 35 lbs.

The 763 wheels and SMB paint make up for it if you aren’t using it as a daily driver, but I think dealers know that most people would rather have the exec package comp pack.


No doubt, BMW really exaggerated the MSRP on the CS versus the regular models. Personally, I would take a CS over any of the rest of the M4 but definitely not for the $30k differential😳. Fortunately, BMW has come to the rescue with trunk cash since no one else is willing to pay that premium either…As good as these cars look, I just can’t bring myself to pay 800 a month for one. especially since when the next gen comes out (which is right around the corner), these will be old hat (whether or not anyone thinks the new ones are ugly…I’m on the fence with the new grille).

Thanks for the advice. I have been communicating with a CA dealership. They are telling me that they cannot lease to out of state residents. Is this true?

It’s their choice. CA dealers don’t like out of state customers in general.

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Update on the offer after I negotiated.
MF.00099 Buy rate.

RV 59%

10,000 miles per year.

Waive the OR. Corporate activity Tax.

BMW Loyalty and lease rebates $2,750

BMW Portland Discount $6,401

Plus additional discount for Stargard $599.

TOTAL BMW Portland discount $7,000.

$ 0 Cap reduction, $781.21 month payment,

TOTAL due at signing $1,885.68, includes 1st payment, 4 years standard plates, registration, acquisition fees document fee and electronic filing fees, (Normal DMV fees).

I hope you appreciate the deal.

Question: How do they get $781 for the monthly payment? When I use the leasehackr calculator I get $754 per month. leasehackr.com/calculator?make=BMW&miles=10000&msd=0&msrp=78520&sales_price=71532&months=36&mf=0.0009&dp=0&dealer_fee=0&acq_fee=925&taxed_inc=1500&untaxed_inc=1250&rebate=0&resP=59&reg_fee=929&sales_tax=0&demo_mileage=0&memo=&monthlyTax_radio=true

For starters the MF is .00099 but your calculator shows .0009.

And when you input the exact fees from your first post to get the due at signing to match it comes to $773.

Without seeing the new full breakout including updated fees its hard to get it any closer.

LH Calculator

Thanks for the feedback, especially catching my error on the MF.
Here is what the dealer emailed me this morning. I’m confused about the Buy Rate on their calculations. In the email they sent they state the MF is 0.00099. Why is it different on their lease calculator?

Markup of .0004.

But they are not marking it up, .00099 clearly shows as the rate they’re using to the left.

I’m guessing that’s just some default reference value plugged into their system that hasn’t been updated in a while.

Just ignore that. The buy rate is the base rate from the bank and that box is irrelevant towards your deal since it is used to calculate profit. They are using 0.00099 as the money factor, which you can see in the boxes on the left hand side of the image.