2020 BMW M340i Rear Wheel Drive

Can you post your calculator?

Also, find out the april RV and incentives number for your zip code.

You also need to find out what MF the dealer is charging.

They last told me MF .00158. Here’s my calculations based on what they said. Don’t know how to post calculator, tried copy and paste did not work.

You are counting the discount/rebates twice.

Here is a close to correct calculator based on their offer: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=BMW&miles=10000&msd=0&msrp=57050&sales_price=49350&months=36&mf=.00158&dp=0&dealer_fee=799&acq_fee=925&taxed_inc=0&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=61&reg_fee=357.88&sales_tax=6.5&demo_mileage=0&memo=&zero_driveoff=true&monthlyTax_radio=true

Let me ask a 3rd time… what incentives did edmunds tell you were available when you asked?

There is 2k worth in incentives. 1k conquest, 1k lease offer.

In that case, your calculator should look more like this:

I’m not sure on if the incentives are taxed in your area or not.

That puts you at 10% off pre-incentive with a fully marked up mf. Adjust for the marked up mf and you’re a little under 8% mf.

The payment isn’t high because they’re pulling a fast one. They’re high because the discount is pretty low compared to comparable deals on here.

If the dealer is messing around that much, just walk and find another… or find a broker.

This isn’t really an unreasonable initial offer…
It needs to move before it’s a great deal, sure, but they’re not doing anything shady and it isn’t an unreasonable initial cut.

Well, other than them round .00158 to .0015 on their offer sheet.

How much More should I ask for in deal? Do you think there is another 2-3K off or more?

You can always try going after a demo car. They usually knock a lot more off these(granted they can be harder to find) For example, for the car I am looking at with a 64.7k MSRP, I have them down to 53.6k pre incentive & I qualify for another 4K in incentives. My monthly with only MSDs at signing is like $482.

If you’re set on this car - try to get them down another 1-2% on MSRP and to go with base MF of .00118. 2% and base MF should get you to a monthly of $583 ish with no drive off.

2-3k more would put you at an equivalent to 12-13% off pre-incentive. How does that compare to other m340 deals you’ve came across on here and current broker listings?

Well it’s difficult—I have seen deals on this forum but there’s not lots of folks doing sign and drive for this particular vehicle. Deals include MSDS and money down or pay taxes and other fees at front. When I’ve leased the most I out is a first months payment. I usually take a 39 term lease With Infiniti and it’s nice to have a month paid in advance. Back to BMW deals—I’d say it’s safe to say $583 a month sign and drive is a good deal. I’m gonna take a look one more time on forum to see current deals being made and signed. I may wait until BMW releases the actual M3 and possibly watch the m340i drop significantly in cost. I remember seeing lease deals a few years back on M3 for $600-$700 per month. MSDS are great but I hate giving a dime to lease in advance, I understand the savings can be mutual or greater worth. Thank you all for the support!

It’s not difficult. You should be comparing pre-incentive discount at buy rate mf, not monthly payment.

Monthly payment is the output of the equation. You need to compare the inputs.

may I ask, who you are dealing with in sunny fl? (even if you need to PM)

That lease can’t be transferred at the moment and the user did not post the selling price so it is not helpful to OP.

How do you know what’s helpful or not to HIM?

”That lease can’t be transferred at the moment and the user did not post the selling price so it is not helpful to OP.”

For the above reasons.

Lease transfer ads are useful for people looking for lease transfers

They are generally not useful data points for people looking to initiate their own, new lease. Because unless you have the original contract, you don’t know what DAS, equity, rebates, RV and MF combination was used to reach that payment.

Targeting payments without knowing the underlying fundamentals is not something we encourage here.

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